Obi-Wan Show: Natalie Portman Can Return! Here’s What We Know


The show may have had several failures, including a complete creative overhaul, but nothing has been done about the Disney Plus project in Obi-Wan Kenby series, which is probably the most promising star. is there. Of course, high hopes lead to high expectations, and with fans waiting for Evan McGregor to revisit his role from the long-running trilogy, he has managed to cross his fingers to manage to spend a great deal of time.

Obi-Wan Show

Much of the Star Wars Disney era had calls and references to the original films. Mandalorian has certainly shown that he can tell powerful audiences in a familiar atmosphere, without the characters and iconography that powerfully feed the audience. It’s what they recognize.

However, Hayden Christenson is expected to be immersed in a lack of ability with Obi-Wan, either as he learns the title of a hero for his time or as a cameo for Darth Varadero. How far has the first choice gone? The clear side of strength. Although her role has not been officially confirmed in the studio, we hear on the screen that her love interest can be established from the galaxy, with no remote return.

As for our intelligence, Ashoka Tano comes from Mandalayoria in Season 2 and comes from the same sources who told us that Christis will return to Obi-Wan – Lucasfilm wants to show Natalie Portman in flashbacks to Obi-Wan’s prequel era. He has a greater depth in the relationship between Padma and Anakin, who plays very well in the movies, and they are generally creative.

Obi-Wan Show cast

Things can always change while writing screenplays, Portman’s recent arrival to the Marvel cinematic universe said he was happy to return to the franchise if that story is true and a long-term link. He stayed being absent. Padma, Anakin, and Obi-Wan eventually managed to break into the broader mythology of Star Wars.


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