Regular Show: Can We Still Expect A Season 9 Of Animated Series?


All the best shows should end, and Cartoon Network’s most beloved animated adventure comedy is doing just that. This morning, we learned that the regular show is ending on Cabler, but it’s not all bad news. If you’re watching an animated comedy, you should know that the regular show is already scheduled for season 8. Therefore, fans will be able to watch the new episode before the show officially runs.

Regular Show: Can We Still Expectbanner

This is actually great news for fans, as Season 7 wraps up on Cartoon Network as a “massive cliffhanger,” which shows The Park swindling the planet and catching its occupants. it is. Due to how networks and renewal orders work, the cliffs all the time show shocking endings and especially the stories are cancelled before being resolved. Fortunately, this will not happen with the regular show, which is expected to air new episodes until January 2017. This will give fans plenty of time to consider that the series is ending and will not be returning for season 9.

Cartoon Network also tells us that Season 8 of the regular show is expected to be fully in space, with Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang also in their new environment. You can watch the clip of an upcoming episode, below.

Regular Show: Can We Still Expect A Season 9

Over 250 episodes of the series have been produced, and regular shows are well-known and popular to the network. Durable properties will reappear, sometimes on the same network and sometimes on other networks, so if you love the program, I recommend that you continue to watch the program in syndication and make it workable. Keep him

The program will be remembered, both for its quality television content, as well as for its quirky characters and excellent musical taste. Fortunately, you can catch the new episode starting Monday, September 26 at 8 p.m. ET. Take a look at our Fall TV opening hours to see when the rest of your favourite TV shows are back.


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