Riverdale Season 5: The CW Will Reportedly Restart Production In August 2020


TV is planning to have its Vancouver show resume its work early next month. This means that Riverdale season 5 could begin production in August, putting the series on the way to its scheduled premiere in early 2021. Elite Daily appeared as a representative of The Riverdale on the show’s planned return to The CW but received no response. Publication time.

Riverdale Season 5 cast

Riverdale stopped producing in its fourth season in March after coming into contact with someone who worked on the show and tested positive for COVID-19. The shutdown came the same day that the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic, and planned all television shows and movie production for the summer, after taking a halt and then delaying filming. Most of the shows are still on hiatus as the number of coronaviruses continues to rise, but a handful of The CW suggests that the film will soon return to set all the way north.

Riverdale Season 5 cast

If the Riverdale team starts working again this fall, it will give them plenty of time to prepare new episodes for their fifth season, which will currently premiere in January 2021 based on the winter schedule. Plus, the entire team already knows what the first three episodes of season 5 will be, so it should be an easy process to get started.

Since the closure of the coronavirus caused Riverdale season 4 to end three episodes earlier than planned, the new season will close with three episodes that will unravel the great mystery of the season 4 videotape before diving into the jump on time Who was originally to open the new season.


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