Sean Penn And Laila George? Are They Married?


Sean Penn confirmed on Monday that he really had recently married, ending the gossip quickly to make him more concerned about his COVID-19 efforts in Monday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” So we can talk.

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With a wave of his hand and a gold wedding ring, the Oscar-winning actor confirmed reports over the weekend that he and actress Lila George, who share an age difference of three decades, was married on Thursday. Penn, 59, and George, 28, the daughter of actors Vincent D’Onfrio and Greta Scatchey, made their relationship on the red carpet official in 2016 and have since posted concerning them on cultural factors.

The “Milk” and “I’m Sam” star was previously devoted to Madonna for four years and Robin Wright for nearly 14 years. He and Wright have two children collectively: Dylan, 29, and Hopper, 26. Penn was also engaged to actress and producer Charlize Theron as of 2015. The remainder of Monday night’s interview was devoted to the Nonprofit Relief Initiative organized by the Penn nonprofit community in disaster response (formerly the Haitian Aid Organization J / P) and its hub to test in the COVID-19 pandemic Condition.

Sean Penn

He also briefly spoke about Penn’s guest season on “Arrested Development” and planned a cast meeting for “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Meyers said he found Penn “better humble” during his interview and apologized to the actor for his very serious impersonation on “Saturday Night Live,” an apology that was immediately denied because he felt the chicken coop was perfect. I was in


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