Sony Reveals A New Spider-Man Related TV Show Will Soon Arrive On Amazon


Last year, Sony announced that it was setting up various shows within the Spider-Man universe, and now it looks like they may go to Amazon.

Amazon could lead to many Spider-Man-related shows in the future. In recent years, Sony has placed its Marvel Universe in high gear, next to the MCU. Venom was the first film released in 2018, and despite mixed reviews, it was very successful financially.Sony will release Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage next year, in addition to the third MCU movie Spider-Man, which is being featured as a studio partner. Beyond that, Sony also has a second Spider-Man, which is currently in production, on Spider-Versus, and last year CEO Tony Vincikera stated that they would be working on 5-6 TV shows in the world of Spider. -Man. Has been.

One of those shows was revealed on Thursday when it emerged that a silk television series was in the works. Furthermore, very few details are known at this stage, which this show may include.

Spider-Man Universe TV Shows May Stream On Amazon | Screen Rant

Image Source: Screen Rant

It’s unclear what shows they’ll be on, but it certainly looks like they’re referring to Vincikender last fall. While fans can expect these additional shows to be announced, no timeline was provided for this.

If this deal happened to Amazon, it would give the streamer a foothold in the Marvel universe for the first time. While earlier Marvel examples were transferred to non-Disney-owned streaming services (like the Marvel Netflix show), this is now a very interesting phenomenon as the MCU prepares for its own TV show on Disney +. In fact, there may be two Marvel TV Universes in the future. As such, what these programs can focus on is less clear. Sony owns the rights to several sedentary Spider-Man characters and many who may be ready for their own shows. The Silk series could point Sony in the direction to go, and fans can certainly guess which character will be next. However, since the Silk series is in such early development, it may take some time before more information is revealed. Fans will just have to wait and watch (and possibly sign up for Amazon Prime).


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