Sphere TV Show Reportedly In Works At HBO


There may be no territory between the aristocratic qualities that grew out of Michael Crickton’s deep creative well, but the property, as defined by the late writer’s novel and later adaptation film, is being revived as a peak HBO television offering. Producing a major Crichton adaptation series at Westworld.

HBO revealed that it is developing a Sphere series, for which it hired Dennis Tho to serve as Schrüner, writer and executive producer, executive producer for Westworld in season three last spring. While traversing the deep seas to locate a technologically advanced ship, they come across what appears to be an alien intelligence, named Harry, who he believes is responsible for an actual series of events, this giant marine organism. Explosive malfunction attacks. . However, the truth behind the incident is nothing but obvious.

While it got a huge commotion filled with names like Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, Leev Schreiber, and Queen Latifah, the film was viewed as spin-off and ultimately lopsided, ending as a massive flop. I was. In fact, with its national premiere on February 13, 1998, Titanic finished third in the ninth week of the weekend and a respectable second for Adam Sandler’s classic comedy The Wedding Singer. Thus, the sphere went on to generate gross income of $ 73.4 million against a budget of only $ 80 million; An ignorance mixed with the prudence of the entire board on the part of the critics.

Sphere - HBO Developing Movie Based TV Show

Image Source: Spoiler TV

While it seemed that even the Jurassic Park brand of Crichton’s name failed to save the film, the status of Crickton’s adaptation has changed, most notably with HBO’s Westworld, which led to the original Old West robotic system behind 1973 writing. by the author. Directing effort and transformed it into a deep epic, based on survival and driven by the characters. Thus, the naming of an HBO series alum in Denis Thea is quite surprising here, telegraphing an equally poignant adaptation. Producers will be joined by Westworld creators/showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. His film Kilter Shingle with Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey Downey’s crew (already produced by HBO’s Perry Mason) in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television. In addition to his aforementioned Westworld run, Thé executive produced the CBS thriller Person of Interest and served as a consulting producer on Fox’s Gotham.


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