Tenet Screened For IMAX Employees, Check Their Reviews


The staff for the IMAX big-screen theatrical format were among the first lucky to catch a glimpse of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, his sci-fi work thriller set to hit theatres in North America on September 2 (one week abroad), Pending coronavirus circumstances.

The director has filmed important parts of each of his films (starting with The Dark Knight from 2008) using large-scale IMAX cameras, which consist entirely of tenant shots in the format ‘Tenet is just an amazingly filmed movie, beautifully made. .. it was not just a person, at any age. This was the number of IMAX employees who spontaneously told me. Gelfond noted at the conference that Nolan’s films are often developed at IMAX.

tenet cast

The call was also presented by IMAX CFO Patrick McClymont. The company revealed that it had opened 409 locations in China, and described how the experience felt for employees testing new security protocols. Before you got into your seat, there were differences, but once you had it, it was very normal. ”

Gelfond said “masks are absolutely important,” noting that IMAX is urging its exhibition partners to be a necessity for all customers. He said that the size of IMAX rooms, the capacity and ability to practice social distances within them, and the management of customer traffic essentially make them safer than live shows and sporting events.

TENET cast

Is it encouraging that the filmmakers return to the theatres they’ve come to see Tenet at the end of this summer, which has already changed its release date three times, raising important questions for studio and theatre owners? it is. Based on this first review, Nolan made a movie worth watching on the big screen. If health is worth risking, that’s something completely different.


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