The Bachelorette: New Season Will Consits Of Huge Shakeup


Get ready for some serious drama in “The Bachelorette.”

Headlines say, Claire Crawley, 39, has already fallen in love with Impression Rose winner Dale Moss and is exiting the show. Cosmo says that Claire is speculated to be involved with the former NFL player during the quarantine. Meanwhile, Deadline has pointed to multiple reports that 29-year-old former contestant Tessia Adams from the Colton Underwood season has completed her quarantine and will take over as Claire’s successor.

The Bachelorette  cast

Life and Style first reported the news, stating that Teesia would be sailing less than two weeks after the film’s debut at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs. Season 16 was postponed due to the coronavirus and many men had to be recruited. Now Deadline also reports that some of Claire’s castoffs may return to try and win Claire’s heart.

The Bachelorette show

The site also notes that Kraley liked a tweet about Teesia News on Sunday before recounting it on Monday. It is noteworthy that the contestants are not allowed to use their phones during filming. Fans will recall that Crowley was in Juan Pablo’s “The Bachelor” season in 2014. Four years later, he got engaged to Benoit Beausejour-Savard at “The Bachelor Winter Games,” but dropped out less than six weeks later.

Nate Burleson from “Extra” spoke to “Bachelorette” in the form of Rachel Rachel Lindsey, who said she certainly doesn’t know anything, but jokes, “You know what they say: a fire where there’s smoke.” It is. I know Claire is a woman who really knows who she is and what she really wants. ”

Rachel also addressed the Teshia rumours, saying, “I hope that’s the truth because, you know, I’m promoting diversity … a person of colour is getting these lead roles, so if it’s Es … So, you know. I have to give him the ‘The Bachelor’ franchise and a round of applause for ABC. ”

In 2019, “Extra” spoke to Teshia prior to her appearance on “Graduates in Paradise”. Clock!


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