The Boys In The Band: 5 Things To Know About The Jim Parson Starring Netflix Drama


Ryan Murphy’s latest original will hit Netflix in late September. Coming soon, The Boys in the Band will adopt Netflix’s beloved Gay Play with Mart Crowley. We have everything we need to know about The Boys in the Band, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

The Boys in the Band is an upcoming Netflix original drama directed by Joe Montello and produced by Ryan Murphy. The feature film is a film adaptation of the 1968 play of the same name and brings together all the cast members of the Broadway production of the play’s 50th anniversary.

When is Netflix the boys in the band release date?
Netflix has confirmed that The Boys in the Band will arrive at the end of the month on Wednesday, September 30.

What are the guys in the band?
Boys in the Band recap is provided by Netflix:

Supporters of the party include Donald, Michael’s former love interest, now in self-analysis; Larry, Randy’s commercial artist, who lives with Hank, a school teacher who has just left his wife; Bernard, the librarian, giving tips with a malicious code of friendship with Emory, a decorator who never stops; And a ruthless scammer received a gift from Harold that night. The evening begins as a night of drinking and laughter, when Alan, a classmate of Michael’s university, suddenly appears and sees every truth that has long been buried that threatens the foundations of the group’s close bond. It’s a challenge to face.

The Boys in the Band': The queer Netflix film we all need right now – Film  Daily

Image Source: Film Daily

Who are the artists of The Boys in the Band?
Ryan Murphy is well known for incorporating LGBT characters into his projects and The Boys in the Band is no different.

When and where were The Boys in the Band formed?
Principal photography took place in the summer of 2020 from July 21 to September 21. The installation has been in post-production since September 2019.

Can I stream Boys In Band in 4K?
Members don’t have to worry, The Boys in the Band will be available to stream worldwide in 4K.

You will need a 4K device, 25Mbps internet connection, and a Netflix premium subscription to watch The Boys in the Band.


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