The Brazilian Job: Will We Get A Sequel Of 2003 Heist Movie?


The Italian work was a surprisingly solid remake of the cult classic Michael Cane 1969, but will the planned sequel ever be a Brazilian work? Sadly, the film turned out not to be a fun time for Norton, who accused the studio of forcing its participation to enforce an old contractual obligation and declined to promote it.

That said, there were complaints that the movie trailer essentially acted as a two-minute synopsis of the entire movie. The Brazilian work, called Talk of the Sequel, emerged soon, which would return the original cast as another successor, but the project soon became a hell of development and has yet to be modified.

‘Money Heist Season 5 show

Even after 15 years of Italian work, the artists are as busy as before, so is there still hope for a Brazilian work?

Brazilian’s work was written and budget

Writer/director David Toohey (Riddick) submitted a script called The Wrecking Crew to Paramount in hopes of doing so but felt that it could instead form the basis of an Italian work sequel. The script was remade to become The Brazilian Job and several drafts were written, with Robert Wade and Neil Pervis (Spector) also taking a crack at the script. The Brazilian job would have revisited the crew in search of a new diamond, which included diamonds. Some story taking place in Belgium. The film’s producer once revealed the script it was fully budgeted for, but the project was submitted by Paramount, who continued to push the release date.

‘Money Heist Season 5

Lack of interest in study kills Brazilian work

It seems that the real problem with Brazilian work is that the study did not insist on it. A script was developed and the cast and crew were temporarily added, but amidst changes to the studio’s governance and internal politics, the sequel never took precedence. Years after the announcement of The Brazil Job, the cast was still tired of talking about it, Statham wanted it removed from IMDB and others confirmed that it was a possibility while it was going to happen. was not.


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