The Crown Star Olivia Colman Cursed Before Meeting The Queen


Olivia Colman starred in the hit TV series “The Crown” Queen. In 2014, before she met the queen, she briefly forgot about her habits.

Olivia Colman (46, “The Night Manager”) has joined the line of Queen Elizabeth II (94) in the third season of the Netflix TV series “The Crown.” The Oscar-winner met the British emperor himself six years ago – but so unexpectedly, Coleman came out surprised by an ugly word.

I did not think he would be there, and all of a sudden we all found ourselves in a long line. When the actor looked down the aisle and saw the queen, he was thrilled to swear. Luckily, according to the Daily newspaper, Elizabeth II was not inside his ear and the actor was able to calm down fairly quickly.

Olivia Colman on The Crown: 'I think the Queen is a leftie. She loved  Harold Wilson' | Times2 | The Times

Image Source: The Times

Colman recalled that participants were asked to make a small bow and not to overdo it. A man pushed him and his partner forward and told them to “move quickly after the encounter. Die Queen Hundreds of people should be greeted.

Olivia Colman can be seen as Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of “The Crown” from November 2019 onwards. His colleague Claire Foye (36, “Aufbrook zam Mond”) played the role of the Emperor for the first two seasons.

Discussing what he expected in Season 3 of The Crown, Coleman joked, “Everyone loves Claire Foy … so I have the worst job in the world at the moment.” Our release calendars – November 17 – have been officially set.


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