The Haunting Of The Bly Manor: First Photos Unveiled


The Haunting Of Hill House spell is back, well, something like that. The new season of The Hunting Anthology series, The Howling of Bly Manor, introduces a new setting and creepy characters as, spoiler alert, Season 1 completely ends the Crane family story. However, producer Mike Nanagan is offering up some tracts (well, gimmicks for audiences that like from Bailey Manor to Hill House. I would love to watch people duplicate and try to get more. This encourages repeatability. See if you can capture some of the hidden ghosts in the images below, especially in that picture of Dani Pedretti

Netflix has not yet revealed the official release date for Bly Manor, but we are now kicking off the new season we are hoping for. On Monday morning, Vanity Fair released the first 10 images of The Haunting of Bly Manor, which featured many important stars taking on new characters. Both the art and the tweets being shared look down on the audience, looking at the vicious nature of the palace.

The Haunting of Bly Manor First Look Photos Released

Image Source: Comic Book

In the novel James, two children and Dani, her queen, head of a country house. Soon after, Dani finds two ghosts in the big house and as the story progresses, she realizes that they had a previous relationship with the children in her care.

“In the first season, there is a lot of family dynamics, death, pain, loss and childhood trauma. We all collectively felt that we had said everything we wanted to say about that, ”Falagan told Vanity Fair. However, both sessions share a common theme. At its core, the haunting series is very much about enchanted places and people.

The Hunt for Bailey Manner will premiere this fall on Netflix, hopefully before Halloween.


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