The Oprah Conversation: A New Talk Show Is Coming Up On Apple TV+


Oprah Winfrey has partnered with Apple in a new series of interviews in which she will speak to newsmakers and opinion leaders on current issues around the world.

This will be accompanied by an exclusive two-part interview with the athlete, writer, activist, and creator, and on Friday, August 7, in Emmanuelle Echo’s “Uncomfortable Conversations with the Black Man,” Part 1, Eight will talk to Oprah about himself. Answer questions from web series and white audiences. Part 2 of the interview will see Acho and Oprah plunge into the race in their raw, unfiltered, deep and white discussions, and answering bold questions from LatinX guests.

The Oprah Conversation

The series will also feature interviews between Oprah and the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative and best-selling author Brian Stevenson. Stevenson’s memoirs inspired the movie ‘Just Mercy’, which he will also be talking about.

Oprah Dialogue marks the third collaboration between TV personalities and Apple TV +, including other shows like Oprah Talks Kovid-19 and Oprah’s Book Club. The show premieres on July 30, 2020.

The Conversant d’Oprah, which will include public participation, joined Oprah to speak to the Oprah Book Club, an increasingly stable talk show with the Winfrey brand between COVID-19 and Apple TV +.

The Oprah Conversation cast

Winfrey for a long time, Super Soul Sunday with the same theme aired its last original episode, its season 16 finale, in October 2019. An OWN representative assured TVLine that Super Soul would return with the original on the scheduled date.

After George Floyd’s murder, Winfrey welcomed the OWN Spotlight: Where Are We Going From Here ?, on the night of June 2 that aired on June 10 on the other 18 networks of Owen and Discovery.


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