The Punisher Being Rebooted With Jon Bernthal


For whatever reason, Marvel has always found Punishing one of its best action characters to launch in live action, with Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson doing big-screen exits, which didn’t match massive exits as watchers. Critics audience. However, it turned out that the small curtain was the ideal place for Frank Castle.

The Punisher Being Rebooted

Initially on Daredevil, troubled military veteran John Bernthal received his own solo series, which lasted two seasons before being canceled along with the rest of the Netflix Marvel lineup. The general consensus is that The Walking Dead star was the best punisher we’ve seen on a country mile so far, and the actor has made it clear that he would love to relaunch the role in the future Does.

With the rights to fall back into the hands of Marvel Studios, it is constantly speculated that Bernthal may be retained when Punish finally reboots and is absorbed into the MCU, and a new report now claims that the studio is really looking forward to it. She has to return for a new show that will not connect to her previous career.

As reported by tipster Mickey Sutton, the Marvel War Journal is considering making an adult-focused Punisher series based on the comic and could be sent to FX or Hulu to allow the character to retain its violent powers. Then to receive. It’s understandable that Disney Plus like Disney Plus isn’t an ideal place for someone like Frank Castle and fans will have to turn down the watery version anyway.

The Punisher Being Rebooted With Jon Bernthal

“For Punish to hunt down and kill criminals for punishment, there has been nonsense about FX or Hulu. Regardless of who he is with either one, the details begin to unfold about his future. Or that they simply will not refer to it them I would like other adult-oriented heroes to include Daredevil and Samuel L. Jackson in their fury, and the show could be called Punish War Journal, like the ’80s comic.

All very exciting, without a doubt, and although nothing can be officially confirmed yet, this is not the first time that we have heard too much from Bernthal to return to the fold and play Punish again. It was under consideration, not to mention the fact that Deadpool 3 makes it increasingly likely that the MCU is finally ready to launch and venture into R-rated territory. And how exciting?


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