The Queen Of The South Season 3 Announced By Actress


The party had plenty of attractions, but one thing I could enjoy, whether it’s one of the Queen’s ivory-clad revellers in Hollywood or a super fan in pyjamas anywhere in the United States, following the cast panel and producer We stayed. Executive Producer David T. The opening screening with Friendly, executive producer and shortener Natalie Shadze, Veronica Falcon (Camila Vargas), Hemki Madera (Pote Galvez), Idalia Wallace (Isabel Vargas) and Peter Gadiott (James).

The Queen Of The

Alice Braga (Teresa Mendoza) did not attend, but sent a special video message thanking fans for promising their “dreams come true” and “lots of action”!

Teresa continues developing this season

As promised, when Queen of the South premiered in 2016, Teresa Mendoza will boost her power and, for Season 3, she’s on her way. David Friendly teased that our star will receive an “update” this year, including her wardrobe (no flannel!). “It is becoming the queen in ‘pin we promised the audience,” Friendly said, noting that the lift isn’t just shallow.

And trust us, until the first episode of season 3, we can watch Make-Good on Promise!

Natalie Shades is a queen

The Queen Of The South

We love Queen Natalie Chaidez behind the scenes. In truth, this is a woman with a brilliant television career (Heroes, Judge Amy, V, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, 12 Monkeys) and one of the only Latino showrooms in Hollywood – a true trailblazer!

Chaidez shared her thoughts on why this story and the room on two powerful women’s issues came from the applause: ‚ÄúThese are our stories. this is my story. This is your story It is a story of navigating through a world that people say is not ours and people say that we cannot have power. So working with this character, working with Alice, working with Veronica is an honour. And I am empowered by the journey. “


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