The Script For Riverdale Season 5 Will Focus On Archie’s Death

New artwork says Archie Richdale could have died during the season. The CW teen drama premiered in 2017 and is a live-action character from Archie Comics. When the COVID-19 pandemic plunged across the United States, Riverdale was one of the affected television shows. Despite Riverdale being in the middle of season 4 production, the show forced the original plans to be revised; In the final episodes of Season 4, while there were promises and graduation, the season ended with “Killing Mr Honey” instead. As a result, Season 5 was cancelled in Season 5 before jumping into Season 4 in the future.

Riverdale producer Roberto Aguirre Sakasa said on Twitter that Archie could have died badly. They shared two images in a tweet announcing the 5 table reeds in the new season, depicting the three characters in a game – a daughter, Veronica and Jughead – as a cemetery option. The face of the army is applied to the back wearing a military helmet, which can lead to military participation and his 5th death. You can see Saikas’s tweet below:

Riverdale Season 5 Scripts Hint At Archie's Death | Screen Rant

Image Source: Screen Rant

Sakata’s tweet also showed the image of the Riverdale gang along with the style of Arkell Comics ’high school graduation artwork. Sakata’s tweet headlines Riverdale actors and crews “goodbye and hello to institute … ???” Although they’re said to be a terrific cryptic expression, especially accompanied by a tornado, a camera, a spider and a bunch of emojis that include a skull and skeleton, it certainly shows the crazy look Riverdale fans now expect. That performance. While the gang’s high school graduation is sure to be missed, one can’t help but wonder if at least some of Sakasa’s emojis will be tied to this event as well.

Although Archie’s death will definitely below, returning from the dead will not be the strangest thing that will happen in this show. Whatever it is, Riverdale has shown that anything is a fair game, and fans can only speculate on what Season 5 will bring.

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