The Umbrella Academy: Show Runner Teases A New Spin-Off Series


The Umbrella Academy may receive a spin-off series, according to the Netflix series showcase.

Steve Blackman, who adapted the original graphic novel Gerard Way and Gabriel Drowning for television, pointed out the possibility that fans might expect one or more spin-off shows in the future “I think Klaus (Robert Sheehan) and Ben (Justin H Min), or Klaus and Diego (David Castañeda) have great side effects … any of that would be in me,” he told Digital Spy. The second season of the acclaimed Netflix show hit the streaming platform last week (July 31) with critical acclaim

The umbrella academy 3

The second season of the hit show landed on Netflix last week with critical acclaim.

If he’s starving, that is to say, I think the actors will be available for it and we will all be. Because of this, ”he said. The only one with Klaus AKA The Scene! The 6-edition repository was written by Gerrard Way and Sean Simon, art by INJ Culbard, letters by Nate Piekos, covering Gabriel Ba. ” ‘

Fans were quick to comment and begged to bring the streaming site to the news story.

The umbrella academy 2

If we swear to God, another is written, while another wrote: Let Netflix become Klaus in this series! I will pay for all my money. I beg you. Someone else said: Kl First Klaus-centric comic, upcoming Klaus-centric show, ‘and we’re sure they hope they’re right! This is the first time the My Chemical Romance singer has partnered with Sean Simon since they worked together on The False Lives of the Fabulous Killows in 2013. Shortly after the broadcast became huge, a slew of posters teasing the upcoming second season dropped.

The last time we saw the Ragut family from Hargrove, the team was in deep trouble, as number five stopped his sister while she was doing the apocalypse, and left all five of them alive (and one dead) in a mysterious location. left. Now, the set of teaser posters shared by Netflix confirms that all seven members of the family have survived, each of their eyes staring at us in the collection.


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