This Is Us: Will The Drama Series Return For Season 5 On NBC? Details Inside


When This Issues attended its fourth season finale in March 2020, fans were surprised that the hit drama would return with new episodes. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) stopped occurring for many projects. Therefore, the future of television remained largely uncertain. But now, NBC has officially unveiled its schedule for next fall, including This Is US Season 5.

This Is Us season 5

NBC Announced When In This Is US Season 5 Returns To Its Fall 2020 Calendar

On June 16, NBC Entertainment announced the 2020 crash. The timeline did not provide exact date details. However, the news of what days of the week it is and at what times the program will be broadcast was confirmed.

According to the lineup, popular series like The Voice, Superstore, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are expected to return in the fall. Meanwhile, the network hopes to release the latest Law and Order spin-off, Organized Crime, at 10 p.m. ET slot machine on Thursday night. Now, if everything goes according to plan, he will return to Season 5 on Tuesday nights at 9 pm on NBC. ET. This means that fans won’t have to reorder their schedules, as the show received the same time interval as previous seasons. And as expected, New Amsterdam will follow at 10 pm. ET slot.

The film production of This Is Us is expected to begin.

When NBC announced its upcoming 2020 calendar, it was clear that the network was confident in its ability to launch the show on time. That being said, This Is Us Season 5 has yet to be filmed.

In March, listener Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly that the family drama usually begins in the summer. And while the team was expected to stay on schedule, they wouldn’t start filming until it was safe for everyone. Additionally, John Huertas, who plays the role of Miguel on This Is Us, shares the NBC series, “He’s ready to start shooting this fall.” “As much as we want to get back online, we as a family are very concerned about our team. The safety of our crew, the safety of our actors is paramount. “


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