Will We Get A Sequel Of Ocean’s 8? FHere’s What You Should Know About It


On June 6, Ocean’s 8, the Ocean Trilogy for Women (and all bad * ss) continues, hits theatres, and the Bullock-directed film has a huge impact. A movie starring former Miss Congeniality, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, and more A-list talents is destined to make money, although the movie has yet to be released, there is an important question in Hollywood: Is There an Ocean’s, Will 8 be the sequel? I haven’t even seen Ocean 8, but I know that two hours with these women simply won’t be enough.

A Sequel

According to Variety, the film is expected to gross between $ 33 million and $ 38 million in its first weekend, which is comparable to the original Ocean movies starring George Clooney. If Clooney and his bunch of bugs can’t get one but two sequels, I’m willing to bet that Warner Bros. will give Bulk, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, and Annie Sheveyway a chance again. (Yes, this cast is amazing.)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bullock addressed the possibility of a sequel, 9 of a Possible Ocean, and said that if he did, he would have to go beyond the first movie:

I do not know. I think the mindset was that we would see if we could do this, and see if we could get the best actor and we did it … things have changed as people realize that we need to step up our game, if anything is good, then no better. If something hits a rope, Ocean’s 9 would be ideal.

Do you hear people? If you love Ocean’s 8, feel free to tell Bull and his co-stars. In a box office setting filled with superhero reboots and tent action movies, there’s a women-oriented film about women slapping the butt and taking names, so I’m sure something will move the audience.

A Sequel Of Ocean's 8 cast

Honestly, the most important thing stopping a possible Ocean sequel is probably the busy schedule of these actors. Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for Bulak, Blanchett, Hathaway, Akwafafina, Paulson, Rihanna, Kalinga and Helena Bonham Carter to be together during a three-month session?. These women are fully engaged, so it would practically be a miracle to see them complete their schedule for the sequel. The events of Ocean’s 8 take place in the same universe as the events of the first three Ocean’s movies, but with a whole new cast of characters and an even more elaborate heir.


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