How to ship a car?

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Shipping a car around is not that easy as you thought it to be. One has to follow the correct procedures and different other things to ship the car. One has to do different excise duties, communication involved, lengthy paperwork, and many more things and legal process required. The car shipping companies involve the proper process, which helps to ship a car properly with no issues. Obviously, when you go for battle with no half preparation, that means you are near the disaster, and the same happens here with the car process. If you will go to ship a car with half the legal process, this will create a lot of problems for you. That is why make sure when you go to ship a car. In case you need to ship a car, then continue reading the details demonstrated right below. A few tips are mentioned here to let you know about how to ship a car.

The transporter must be registered with DOT

The auto car shipping services serve the shipping services in and out of the country. There is one thing to keep in mind that the transport company must be registered with the Department of Transport (DOT). When the company ships the car from the transport company, ask the company to provide the DOT Number. If the matter is about an interstate transport company, then the company must provide Motor Carrier Number. To know about this number, visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Office Website.

Get ready for the car.

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Most of the car shipping companies do not cover the damages of the interiors of the car. Because the company does not cover the damage, remove the extra belongings and hangings present inside the car. Wash out the vehicle properly and take pictures of it to attach the pictures with existing damage documents. Empty the gas tank of the car, and keep an extra key set with you.

Shipping is overseas, then make sure the provider should be registered with FMC.

In case you require to ship a car out of the country, then make sure the shipping company should be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission. The registration should be with the body as a freight forwarder or a non-vessel operating common carrier. The car shipping company must have the shipping and bond license.

Everything must be done in writing.

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Do not just believe in the words of the providers. Do not trust the face values because if you do not have anything written, no one will consider your face values. If you want to clear out the confusion and all misleads, make sure to have everything is written on the legal papers. When you get the written documents done, double-check the papers for sure.

Wrap Up

When you are about to ship a car, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and get the shipping done with no problem at all while the procedure is going on.

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