Want to know more about chrome saved passwords?

chrome saved passwords

Chrome browser is one of the best cross-platform web browsers that exist on the internet. It is developed and maintained by Google. The browser is one of the safest and secure browsers on the internet. There are various reasons why chrome is one of the best web browsers in the world. It has several unique features such as Chrome saved passwords that helps the user in long run and makes it easier for them to access the website. 

Several websites on the internet require a username/email and password to use. People create an account on these websites and they use it. The username and password are required again when the person uses the same website again. This is not just for one website but rather for a whole lot of websites on the internet. A person cannot remember the password for all such websites. One thing they can do is set a common password for each website, but it will make them more prone to cyber-attack. To solve this problem, chrome introduced the password saver. It helps to keep a track of the password and username for a website. There are lots of people who really like the chrome browser and are ready to got for it. They are much unwed to making this and they will not have any issues on this. There are many problems which really require attention and hence if there is an issue on making use of this then you need to be careful. Many people are looking for solutions to get things done perfectly and this can be done if you know the right process which we will guide you with. 

When a person logs on to a website for the first time, chrome asks the user whether they would like to store the password and username for the website. If the user agrees, chrome will save the password and username in its database. The next time users try to logs in to the same website, chrome will prompt the username and password for the user. This helps them to easily access the website without any problem. Chrome first introduced the concept of saved passwords in their earlier version and since then it has become a great feature of the browser.

Is Chrome Saved password safe?

Many people will argue whether storing the password by chrome is safe or not. They doubt whether their privacy is breached by saving the password. The reason for their doubt is not wrong though. Chrome saves all the passwords in the database and if by any chance the database is compromised, then all the passwords of the user will be revealed and this will put their privacy at stake. However, when using chrome, this issue is minimized. Chrome has several features such as sandboxing, site isolation, and phishing protection which makes it safe and secure. Chrome periodically updates and strengthens its security thereby making any password exploitation nearly impossible. It is one of the safest and secure browsers that is available for use on the internet. Several people all over the world are using chrome every day. It is estimated that around 70-80% of the people on the internet use chrome as their default web browser.

Manage Saved Passwords in Chrome

Chrome does not automatically update the password so you have to do it by yourself. For example, when you visited a website for the first time, you saved the password in the chrome database. Now for some reason, you updated/changed the password and now you have a different password. You also saved the password in the chrome database. This will create redundancy in the database. For the same username on the same website, you now have two passwords, out of which only one works. So, you might need to update or delete the saved password. You can do it by managing your chrome passwords.

Go to chrome settings and click on the passwords and forms section. Click on manage password and then delete the incorrect password. This helps to keep your database up to date.

Chrome Password Checker

Google has another good feature which is called the password checker. This helps to identify anomalies in your password. The password checker will help to recognize whether your password for any website is weak or can be guessed easily or not. It will also help to point out the website where you have saved the same password and this way you can keep your privacy safe.


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