An intense, live gaming experience that promises heaps of fun is the laser tag party. Laser tag is a global phenomenon today, enjoyed not only by you and your mates but also amongst family members, co-workers, or can be a solo experience as well. Enjoy the exhilarating new age sport in Australia, which is played in a designated arena that will keep you on your toes till the timer runs out, guaranteeing fun and memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Laser tag was created in the 70s as a form of combat training in the military. Its commercial adaptation by game enthusiasts has brought it into the commercial world.

Like paintball, but less messy and painless, laser tag is a completely safe game for all age groups. Inspired by the phasers used in the movie Star Trek, the laser guns used do not stain clothing or skin but rather register the hits on the sensor vest or headband provided to players. The guns are equipped with an infrared signal tracker that keeps a record of player data and points to declare the winner.

The arena—indoor or outdoor—transforms into the battleground once the game begins, bringing your world of online stealth games to life. It’s a matter of honour that is being battled for and bragging rights, of course. The modes that you can choose from are varied: capture the flag or regular domination matches. The player/team with the highest score wins. The scores will be purely based on points gained by tagging your opponent with the laser gun; they have a strict policy against physical contact, climbing, or running in the arena, as such activities could be potentially harmful. 

A completely safe and fun game to try with your friends, family, co-workers, or even by yourself, laser tag is where the arena becomes your opponent. It is a way to prove your mettle while improving your reflexes and an experience to remember for years to come.


Laser tag is essentially a game of close-quarters combat, using both your body and mind to win. When playing indoors, it’s important to remember to dress in dark clothes to blend into your surroundings and evade detection. While playing outdoors, it’s better to dress in neutral colours, or you could go in all camo to gain a competitive edge over the other players.

Those beach highlights in your hair are also a dead giveaway in the battleground, so tie up your hair and wear a hat. Comfortable shoes, preferably dark tones, are essential as well. Avoid wearing any jewellery or snazzy outfits for an added advantage in the dark. Dress warm but light, as you are bound to kick up a sweat in the arena soon, and you do not want your clothes weighing you down. Singlets are not advisable as there might be some chafing from the sensor vest.


The phaser gun and sensor vest are usually provided by the organisers themselves, though you can buy your own if needed. If you have any allergies or medical conditions (seizures, asthma, epilepsy, etc.), inform the organizers beforehand for a seamless gaming experience.

All in all, laser tag is a fun and safe experience to get your adrenaline pumping. Have fun at you next laser tag party!


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