A comprehensive tick list to be visited in the city of Darjeeling


 Darjeeling is highly preferred by tourists across the world because of the nature-related elements and scenery provided by this particular area. The city of Darjeeling includes several kinds of places which are must to be visited by the people whenever they are planning to visit this particular area. Some of these kinds of best tourist attractions are mentioned as follows:

 -Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: The visit to this city very much incomplete in case the people do not go with the option of riding the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway toy train. This particular train runs at the speed of a snail like creature and these kinds of experiences are must to be had whenever one visits the Darjeeling city. Hence, one must never miss this particular experience.

 -Tiger hill: In case any of the individuals want to enjoy the sun rays then one must go with the option of visiting the Tiger Hills because it will always provide the perfect sunrise place for the people. People will also see multiple rivers flowing down from this particular area and this is one of the best possible attractions in the Darjeeling. This particular place also includes several kinds of high-altitude living birds as well as the animals which makes this particular area highly worth visiting.

 –Batasia loop: This particular area is located approximately 5 km away from the main city and is a very amazing and spiral-shaped railway track on which the toy train will always take a complete 360° turn. The toy train also designs by 1000 ft. as it will complete the look through a very large sized circular area. Hence, this is a place to be must visited whenever one plans a visit to the Darjeeling.

 -Darjeeling ropeway: This place has a cable car circuit where individuals can witness several kinds of landscapes from the snow-capped mountains whenever they will move to the charming Valley with the tea estates. This is the best possible experience is for which every tourist craves and one can very easily enjoy this in Darjeeling.

 -Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: This particular institute is also known as the HMI Darjeeling and was formulated in the year 1954 so that mountaineering can be encouraged among all the people and this is that major and important reason that mountaineering has become an organised sport in nations like India. This particular institute conducts several kinds of adventure related activities and courses which are highly comprehensive and are subsidised so that mountaineering can be encouraged as a sport in India.

 -Nightingale Park: This particular park was previously known as the shrubbery earlier but now it has been reopened after proper renovation. It is considered to be an area which includes a very giant statue of Lord Shiva and also has the musical fountain and proper scenery. This is approximately 2 km away from the city centre and is one of the most important places to be visited by all the tourists in Darjeeling.

 -Darjeeling Rock garden: This particular garden is commonly known as the Barbotey Garden and it is situated approximately 10 km far away from the main city. The benches in this particular garden are made by cutting the rocks at different shapes and levels which is the most attractive feature of this particular garden. This garden is very much popular among the tourists in the Darjeeling city.

 -Darjeeling peace pagoda: As the people will climb up from the club side along the Gandhi Road they will see a very great white colour structure standing very well out and it is known as the peace pagoda of Darjeeling. This particular structure is a great structure which was built under the guidance of Japanese Monk and is a worth coming place especially because of daily Puja being done there.

 -River rafting in Teesta: River rafting in Teesta is the most amazing things which people can do in the city of Darjeeling. This is the most important activity especially in case one is an adventure lover and it will include several kinds of stages across various grades. The difficult levels are allowed to professional people because they are very risky. Hence, whenever one plan is a trip to Darjeeling one must visit this particular area to have the most beautiful experience of life.

 -Tea plantations in Darjeeling: This particular city includes more than 80 estates which approximately cover more than 17,000 ha of land. It provides a proper automatic experience to the visitors of the hilly tourist trap which makes it very much popular among the tourists.

 -Darjeeling Observatory Hill: This place is all surrounded and located near the Darjeeling Mall Road and this particular Hill includes a Mahakal temple along with the original Bhutia monastery. It is one of the most religious places which hold great significance for both the Buddhists and the Hindus.

 -Trekking in Darjeeling: Whenever one plans a trip to the Darjeeling trekking is the very basic thing to be taken into consideration because this particular city offers four among the five highest peaks of the whole world. This particular city offers the best trekking routes in the world which makes it very much popular among the tourists.

 -Ghoom monastery: This particular monastery is located at the height of approximately 8000 feet and is the oldest Tibetan monasteries of the treasury. It includes the 14-foot high statue of Lord Buddha which is made up of clay and this is the most important attraction of this particular area. Some of the rare manuscripts can also be found in this area which makes it very much significant from the religious point of view.

 Hence, at the time of planning the trip to this particular beautiful city, one must go for the option of finding the best hotel in Darjeeling which is only possible in case one move with proper planning and with guidance from the online platforms so that one can get the best quality service at the most genuine prices.


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