Money-Saving Advice for Your Electricity Bill

Advice for Your Electricity Bill

Living in quarantine, this pandemic period has really made people aware of how fast utilities can add up with everyone home. We have become more aware of the extra electricity we use when we have the lights on, do laundry, and use online devices. This has prompted us to look at what we can tweak in our budgets to save extra money during this pandemic.

Saving on the electricity bill is one of the best ways to cut on possible expenses during this pandemic. Here are some of the simple measures you should take to lower your electricity bill:

Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

While dishwashers use electricity, they save more energy, water, money, and time than running water to handwash the dishes. An energy-saving dishwasher will save you about $40 in annual utility costs, 5,000 or more gallons of water, as well as almost 230 hours of your time, compared to hand washing all your utensils.

However, to avoid counteracting this, it is best to air-dry your dishes instead of using the washer’s heat dry cycle. After cleaning, open the dishwasher door just a little and allow your dishes to air-dry. If your dishwasher has an air-dry setting, utilize that.

As per the California Energy Commission, the air-dry setting tends to reduce the washer’s energy use by 15-50%. You also need to make sure that you load the dishes correctly. You should always place bowls in the top rack, plates on the bottom, cups upside down, and make sure to wash the larger pots separately. These energy-efficient dishwashers can be found online at sites like, or at your local appliance store.

Use Smarter Bulbs

For anyone who hasn’t switched to LED lighting yet, now is the best time. According to the United States Department of Energy, LED bulbs use about 75% less energy and will last 25 times longer than other incandescent lights. Hence, you will save a lot of energy if you get an LED light bulb for every room in your home.

If you are many in your house or have family members who tend to leave lights on in every room they walk in and out of, then consider getting motion detectors. Motion lights are the best way to stop energy instead of having to follow everyone turning off the lights. These lights turn on when they sense someone and turn themselves off when they can’t detect any room movement.

Install Dimmers

For rooms that use the most lights, consider dimming the lights to reduce output and wattage as another way of saving energy. You can install dimmer switches that can easily be controlled by an app, and make sure to install bulbs that work with the dimmer switches.

Go Solar

There is also always the option of going solar. Even though it can be hard to convert your entire home to solar power due to some heavy appliances, there are a few ways you can incorporate solar energy into your life. For instance, you can use portable solar power back to recharge your gadgets. Power banks with 25000mAh can comfortably recharge your mobile devices.


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