Data recovery soft wares that actually work

Data recovery soft

Data loss is a serious problem, and it needs to be solved as soon as possible. Famous research showed that the data lost from certain devices containing sensitive information costs near about $225. If you lose the data due to any physical damage to the hard drive, then hard drive data recovery might cost very much.

The best solution to save your data from loss is to schedule backups. But if you do not know how to do this or have zero clues about what’s happening with your data, then you should go for data recovery. Instead of going for paid recovery, why not select the soft wares that can offer these services for free. 

Top five best free data recovery softwares

Here is a list of some softwares that conveniently work on your computer, and you do not need to seek any professional help for data recovery. All of them are free versions; however, some of them have paid premium versions that have some advanced and upgraded features. But the free versions are quite useful for short term data recovery.

Stellar data recovery

This software works on both Mac and Windows. The stellar data recovery offers the free recovery of data as much as 1 GB without asking for any kind of paid features, and you can get that when you click here. Stellar can also help you in recovering your photos and video files. The special feature BitRaser can help in removing the unnecessary data from your hard drive and internet browsing.

Stellar offers many features specified for business data recovery. You can recover your emails by exchange toolkit. It supplies you with email converters that can convert your live emails into other formats. You can recover the backup files while restoring the lost data. The software can repair your damaged QuickBooks and PowerPoint data within the process of data recovery. 

EaseUS data recovery wizard 

EaseUS is the easiest software to use. Data recovery through this software has been the smoothest experience reported by the users. The free version offers the recovery of all kinds of data lost due to damages to hard drives or virus attacks. The problem with this version is that it only offers 500MBs of free data recovery. This software is suitable for recovering data in the form of documents. However, if you want to win an extra 1.5 GB of data recovery, you have to share it through SNS present within the software.


This is a powerful, popular, and simpler software for data recovery. You do not need to have any extra theoretical knowledge about software to gain your data. The free version of this software includes the simple scanning of a drive, which leads you to the recoverable data options. You are offered to see the images and files before recovering them to ensure the recovery of the exact needed file. This software is best to immediately recover the accidentally lost data.

Advanced disk recovery

This software is simple to use and very convenient for beginners as well. It offers a quick and effective scanning of the windows system. There are two modes of scanning, depending upon the type of data you need to regain. It also offers a preview of the files before recovering. This software helps in recovering the lost data from hard drives, external drives, and memory cards. The original data that is present in the device at the time of data recovery remains unaffected and safe during the process.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This software is an easy alternative to the DiskDrill. This software helps you to scan and recover any type of lost data quickly without any problem. The installation of this software is very convenient, and there are searchable scans for free. You can get your data recovered in three simple steps. Select the location first. Scan the data and select the required items to recover them at a safe place. 


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