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It seems that Lin-Manuel Miranda is born to win accolades. Yes, so much so, that he has maintained a winning streak right after bagging prizes one after another. He is associated with loads of prizes such as Pulitzer Prize, three Grammys and Tony Awards respectively along with Emmy and the list continues. Considering the level of love and appreciation, Lin Manuel Miranda net worth of $80 million is understandably quite high.  He seems to be an all rounder, where he can do different sort of tasks and acts such as rap, produce, playwright, compose etc 

While Miranda is known as the pop culture figure based on his practical and proven work on Hamilton, there are only few who know him as someone who has invested his efforts on musicals like “In the Heights”.  Still, not many know him about his previous life, before he started to step in the theater savant. 

There is a Hulu documentary about Miranda which is soon going to be revealed and released which will uncover his story with the title namely “We Are Freestyle Love Supreme”

For the time being, the film will find a later date as it has been postponed in solidarity with people who are opposing and protesting the murder of George Floyd in May. 

Who is Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American composer, lyricist, rapper, actor, librettist with a total net worth of 80 million. Miranda has successfully made a mark in Broadway musicals while being awarded various times in his career. 

He is an all rounder, whether it is about showing his moves behind the scenes or acting on stage, and he has always been consistent in his approach. 

Life of Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda birth date is January 16th, 1980 and he was born in New York City. 

He has Puerto Rican roots and he never forgot to visit the country of his family’s heritage once a year, all through the process of growing up. Miranda’s passing for musical theater began during high school, where he started to write his own musicals. Later on, after passing from high school, he moved to Wesleyan Univer.

He began working for “In the Heights” where his play was greatly accepted by the department of theater of school. It was in the year 1999, that it was played for the first time. While at college, he wrote various other plays as well and showcased his acting skills in many school productions. 


Miranda was professionally inclined towards bringing “In the Heights” on the stage for the world to see. He got in touch with Thomas Kail who was an experienced theater director for fulfilling his aim. 

It didn’t take very long for “In the Heights” to be nominated for 13 Tony Awards while bagging four awards including “Best Musical” and “Best Score”. 

His life was certainly full of pleasant surprises and he has been rising to the steps of success with each and every passing day, to say the least. 


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