What Can Your Kids Learn From an Online Early Learning Centre?

Online Early Learning

The global pandemic has shut down schools and drove home the point that kids do not really need the traditional four corners of the classroom to learn. Technology is helping them brush up on their knowledge and interact with their teachers through online learning classes and modules. 

Preschool age in Australia is designed for kids who are four years old, but some states allow kids as young as three to enrol in preschool programs. However, you can give your child a lead by enrolling them in an online early learning centre with a curriculum tailored for kids under three years old. 

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

One of the foremost responsibilities of parents is to make sure their children get the best education to equip them with proper skills and knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives.

  1. Children’s brains develop earlier than expected — According to researchers, kids develop critical brain development even before they reach the age of five (kindergarten age). From 0-3 years old, also known as Sensitive Period, they soak in knowledge at an accelerated pace. 
  1. They become more confident — Since they interact and socialise with others early (other than their immediate family members), they know how to read non-verbal cues at a very young age. They know how to act and react, what works and what does not. 
  1. They pick up reading and numeracy skills faster — Kids who had the advantage of early education can pick up the lessons much quicker than others. 

What Can They Learn in an Early Learning Centre?

When you enrol your child in an online early learning centre,  you have complete freedom over what skills you want them to develop. 

Your child can learn:

  1. Adaptive Maths — The curriculum is designed not only for kids to learn the fundamentals of mathematics. More importantly, they will develop problem-solving skills that extend beyond the numbers. They can make use of the tools around them to aid in finding a solution to the question at hand. 
  1. Mental Math — With the exercises, your child can learn how to solve equations without relying on the calculator or other numeral or visual aids.  They can solve complex problems in their brains and be confident enough to say the correct answer out loud. 
  1. Photographic Memory — Your child can quickly take a snapshot of the information and pull it out of their mind when prompted. It will help them later in life because they can quickly scan and memorise their notes and recall it during tests and exams. It does not matter how much information you are going to feed them; they will still remember it when needed. 
  1. Speed reading — According to a 2017 study, some kids still struggle with reading and comprehension, although they exhibited an improvement between 2011 and 2016. Kids as young as four years old can scan a book or document to extract the most important parts, without compromising the overall message.  

As you can see, kids will benefit from being exposed to an online early learning centre so that they can also pick up the skills necessary that will serve them well in the next stages of their life, even beyond the safe confines of school. 


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