Your Guide To Buying Charm Bracelets For Kids

Charm Bracelets

For most girls, charm bracelets can symbolise the story of your life. It can show other people a glimpse of everything you value and adore. It is also the best representation of all the milestones that happened to a person’s life, which is why kids’ charm bracelets can be one of the best gifts that every child can receive. 

All the beautiful kids’ charm bracelets are as unique as its wearer, but there are several factors that you must always keep in mind when buying the best charm bracelets for your little ladies. 

Charm Sizes 

There are plenty of charms that you can choose from when looking for a good charm bracelet for kids. But you need to remember that your recipients have tinier wrists and hands compared to a regular adult. So make sure that the charm bracelet that you get comes with tiny charms that can match their physique. 

You may check out charms measuring between 5mm to 15mm. These are considered as the perfect size for their tiny wrists. The charms ranging between 15mm to 25mm can be considered too chunky. If you want the charm bracelet to grow with them, you may give them a bracelet with little charms spread all over the chain. They may fill the gaps with larger charms as they grow up to add more story to the accessory.  

Bracelet Chains

It is crucial to look for the best chain to hold all the charms since it can make or break the overall look of the charm bracelet. If you want the bracelet to last until they grow old, you need to find a chain that is durable enough so it will not break easily. 

You must inspect the links in the chain to see if it is big enough for a clip or a jump ring to thread through. If it does, you may attach any charm on it without the risk of it falling off. It is also crucial to check if the links are soldered properly. If the bracelet links are hollow or unsoldered, it will wear out soon and may cost more for replacement.  

Charm Materials

Before, people chose either gold or silver charm bracelets. But they learned that combining both materials looks good and stylish. Two or three-tone jewellery that mix sterling silver with different gold colours like white, yellow, or rose gold can create different styles to represent the wearer’s personality. 

Aside from the colour, the materials can determine the price of the charm bracelet. The sterling silver charms are often more affordable compared to the gold ones. 

Charm Bracelet Length

Since you are planning to give the charm bracelet as a gift to your little one, you must ensure that its length fits perfectly to their little wrist. The usual charm bracelet for babies measures 16cm, while young girls can wear 17cm bracelets. 

But if you intend to make the bracelet grow with the recipient, you can ask the jeweller to remove several centimetres off the end links and keep the extra for safekeeping so they can attach it again when they grow older. You may also have it clasped at some point so they can adjust it as they grow.  
Buying kids’ charm bracelets can be fun, especially if you intend to give it to a special little one in your life. You only need to make sure that it will last for a lifetime so they can appreciate your gift for years to come. 


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