How To Save Money On Cub Foods Shopping


Cob Foods provides shoppers with a plethora of ways to save money on grocery shopping. One of the reasons why everyone loves shopping at Cub Foods is, they offer exciting deals and coupons every week. Thus, when you plan ahead and shop smart, you can bag sizable discounts.

However, if you want to boost your savings with good deals on quality grocery items at Cub Foods, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Let’s get started!

Don’t Miss Out On The Weekly Ads

First and foremost, don’t forget to see Cub Foods weekly Ads. These weekly Ads help you monitor the sales and access all the latest offers trending in the store. There are several platforms that let you see the catalog of items, so you can shop online for the best deals.

These Ads come in extremely handy when you don’t have enough time to visit the store. You can add grocery items to your cart, shop online, and have the groceries delivered to your home.

Another great thing about online shopping via weekly Ads is that you get coupons and points as rewards. You may also get discounted tickets and open sale promotions. So, there are multiple benefits!

Download The Cub App

Cub Foods app is a must-have for all the savvy shoppers. This mobile app will keep you updated about all the exclusive deals online. You can bag these deals to your account and collect the items from the Club Food store.

All you have to do is scan the barcode at the checkout. This way, you can redeem the coupons, offers, and gain rewards. Another benefit of downloading the app is you can check your rewards balance.

Besides, you can search for Cub Stores near your location, access the special offers in the nearest store, create a shopping list, etc. So, download the Cub app now!

Use Cub Foods Reward Card

Sign up for the Cub Foods Loyalty Reward Card. You can do it in-store or online. If you sign up for the reward card in-store, they will give you a tangible card. On the other hand, if you do it online, you can use the printed copy of a temporary card until the original one arrives.

Once you sign up for the reward program, you can download digital coupons, deals, and offers and use them for grocery shopping. Just head over to the store and see the deals.

Leverage Their Load-To-Card Program

Cub Foods store offers another money-saving option, i.e., the load-to-card option with the My Cub Rewards Program. It will make saving money on grocery shopping even easier!

Just load the store or manufacturers’ coupons onto the Cub Foods Loyalty Reward Card. When you swipe this card, it will take the discounts off your bill. You won’t have to clip the coupons.

Aside from this, for every $50 spent at Cub Foods using the reward card, you can save 5 cents/gallon on gas. So, driving becomes cheaper! Use the Cub Rewards Card at the pump, and your savings will be redeemed.

You can also earn cashback on grocery products by simply scanning in the receipts with the purchases. They also offer gift cards that offer big discounts. So, loyalty always pays off!

Buy Grocery Items With Yellow Tags

Yellow commands shoppers’ attention. And, at the Cub Foods store, this color shows discounts, allowing you to find the best deals easily.

Moreover, these aren’t the fleeting deals that last for a short time. In fact, these are the items with reduced prices that are relevant every day. Just explore the space for yellow tags and bag the best deals.

With these handfuls of tips, you can save a lot on grocery shopping at Cub Foods!


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