Choosing the Best Shipping Company

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When shipping your vehicle, you have minimal options. You can either choose to drive the car yourself, have someone else drive it for you, or enlist a professional auto transport shipping company’s services to do the work for you. While the latter option can be slightly more expensive than the former options, it takes out the hassle and stress of doing everything by yourself.

Nevertheless, finding an auto shipping company that suits your needs can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of auto shipping companies in the industry today, and choosing the best one can be challenging. Take a look at these pointers to assist you in selecting the best vehicle transportation company. I say this because a lot of research must and usually goes into the DIY process or one could have one of the worst experiences ever. Just imagine doing business with an unregistered, unbridled company and suffering huge losses for not It is advised to look for very big companies, or on very big shipping and transport logistics platforms like Shiply, where you can quite easily search on delivery boards to get the ideal company for your need.

Research and Explore your Options

First, you need to know what you need from the shipping company to find the best company. Do you want open or enclosed carriers, terminal to terminal, or door to door shipping? It is all up to you. Once you have this figured out, narrow down your search to companies that offer the services you need. Take to the internet and research a few companies that pique your interest.

Check if they have proper registration. All car-shipping companies should have the United States Department of Transportation’s registration. Thus ensure that the companies have their MC and US-DOT numbers, and they are authorized. Also, check if they have an insurance policy. You can quickly check this information on the FMCSA website.

Check the online reviews of the companies you are researching. How they treat their customers can tell you a lot about the company. Go through your local Better Business Bureau for any complaints about the companies you are researching. If there are any complaints, check how the company followed up on these complaints. Even the best of companies makes mistakes, but how they try to resolve them will tell you a lot about their character.

Get Quote

You probably now have a few options that you like, time to narrow down your search. Go to the websites of the companies you’re considering and fill in a form to get a quote. Make sure you understand the services the company offers before requesting a quote. You can then compare the offers to one another. Refrain from choosing a company based on price alone.

Warning– Try to avoid companies that ask for an upfront deposit. Most are just frauds. Ensure you do your research.

Verify and Ask Questions

After narrowing down your search, it is time to contact the companies you are considering. The best way to do this is to pick up your phone and talk with a company representative. It offers the most valuable insight into the company. Ensure you ask any questions you might have on the shipment plan you are making. Here are a few pointers for questions:

  • How long does the shipping process take?
  • How do they make sure nothing happens to my vehicle?
  • What shipping options do they offer?
  • How does scheduling a car pick up work?
  • What delivery options do they offer? 
  • How much is their insurance coverage?
  • What is their cancellation policy?

After the phone call, you should have all the information you need from the company.

Decide on the Best Car Shipping Company

Since you now have all the information you need, you are in the best position to choose the best vehicle transport company to suit your needs. Considers these factors: type of service, quality of service, credibility, price, and friendliness of representatives, compare them among the companies, and pick your best option.


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