Must-Try Twin Color Wall Painting Ideas

Twin Color Wall Painting

In earlier times refurbishing your house meant rearranging your furniture and getting a fresh coat of paint of the same color on your walls. It’s time that you step outside your comfort zone and give the dual-tone painting some thought. Using two different colors on the walls adds depth, a beauty that is unmatched. Now the question is, can any two colors be combined or is there a need to follow a pattern? You can go all bold with your color combination ideas and Painting Design to make your walls look aesthetic, however, if you are clueless and are a newbie to this dual-tone concept, then read on to get some comprehensive understanding of Home Painting Ideas.

Deciding the Shades

To begin with, grab a cup of coffee and settle down on your comfy sofa and browse through the color paint wheel. You will distinctly notice three color families, Orange, green and violet families. Now you decide if you wish to go for an analogous color scheme or complementary color scheme.

Analogous Colour Scheme 

Analogous colors are three colors adjacent to each other on the 12 hues paint color wheel. These belong to the same family as blue-green, orange-red, blue-violet. In this, one color becomes dominant and the other one is used in the lighter shade to give an enriching effect.

Complementary Color Scheme

Complementary colors are those colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, and they belong to different color families. Like, orange-blue, red-green. Both the colors are a strong contrast to each other and can create a visual treat if done right.

Let’s explore some of the trending dual-tone wall painting combinations.

Forest Green and Light Brown 

This is a very safe color combination and it goes pretty well in any room. The forest green adds solid character to the wall, while the light brown neutralizes the entire space. 

Coral Pink and Navy Blue 

Traditionally blue is combined with orange to get a striking contrast. Both those colors have strong personalities and if not enough lighting in the room, it may seem dark and grim. A lighter alternative to this is combining navy blue with coral pink. The pink adds a bright pop of color even in low lighting. 

Lilac and Yellow 

Lilac is a soft and versatile color of the purple family. Undoubtedly lilac when combined with grey creates a very soothing effect, yet giving the room a little dull look. Try combining Lilac along with yellow, these two colors are opposite to each other on the color wheel, and they give perfect sunshine, cheerful look to the room.

Grey and Denim Blue 

Grey along with denim blue creates a very sophisticated and modern look, especially for the bedroom. Denim blue adds a rugged look, while the panache grey has a calming appeal. Gey is one such neutral color that combines well with darker shades, or even pastels likewise.

If you are unsure about the colors which look good together, then consider taking a swatch wall test. Do some research before, and paint a small sample wall to get an idea of how the combination compliments your room. You can try horizontal dual tone or paint individual walls of different colors. Contact professional painting services for some unique Home Painting Ideas. The professionals know exactly what color or texture combination looks good in which room and accordingly make recommendations. Consider different paint finishing for your wall treatment to get that cohesive dual-tone look.


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