switching to resolution 0x0 failed trying lower one windows 10


This is not going to be a long post. Just go here for my quick intro to Resolution 0x0. It’s a self-healing technique for finding the most self-aware of every moment.

To switch all your windows to a single resolution, you will need to create a new screen resolution by using the window manager’s create window command. But there’s a catch. If you attempt to change a window that isn’t the current active screen resolution, then you will cause a new window to open in the active screen resolution. So you need to actually change the active screen resolution, not just the window that is currently active.

That’s how I did it.

But that still doesn’t solve the problem, because it’s still possible to change the active resolution of a window that isnt the current active screen resolution.

Thats what I meant, but I still dont know how to use it.

To change the active screen resolution simply move the cursor to the resolution you want to change. Then, just drag the window where you want the new resolution to be. And then, change the resolution. If you change the window resolution in a window you are currently not looking at, then you will cause the window to go to the new resolution.

Seems to me that the only way to stop windows from switching resolutions is to use window system.sys.

It’s not even close. When you open the window to the top left, the window will be the one you want to move to. But when you open the window to the bottom right, the window will be the one you want to move to.

The thing that most people do when they are on their own is to go from the top left window to the bottom right windows. If you’re at the bottom right windows, you can move out of them and go to the top left window, but if you’re at the top left, you can move to the bottom right windows. So if you are at the bottom top, you can move to the top right windows. This is very important if you are having trouble looking back at your screen.


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