How can you prepare your career for the future?


2020 has been a year of dynamic, catastrophic changes. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises, people are learning to adjust their lives according to what has become the ‘new normal’. While travel has been limited to within one’s own house, the world has begun to depend on alternate means to be with each other. Thanks to technological advancement, people can carry out a good percentage of their daily activities online. From communication, education, entertainment and fitness to trade, conferences and economies, entire systems are going online. But does this sudden digital uprising have any impact on careers? Well, yes, it does.

Think about it. The career advice from your parents holds little relevance today. Your parents’ approach to choosing a career was based on a less technological and more stable world. In this new, dynamic and ‘trending’ world, you need to stop relying on the vintage ideas of becoming a civil engineer or doing an MBA or a law degree. You need to adopt new ideas, like becoming an AI engineer or doing an ethical hacking course, ideas that are more in tune with the world you live in, and more importantly, the world that you are going to live in.

A career choice is not just about your present, it is also about your future. What is it that you would like to do ten years from now? Will your career still be as relevant thirty years from now as it is now? Will your job be replaced by a software in the future? All these questions are crucial in deciding what career you should consider pouring your days and nights into.

The future is super digital

If the present is digital, the future is super digital. People still depend on physical means for a lot of their tasks. Tasks that will be digitised very soon in the future. It doesn’t matter if you resist digital changes, you will sooner or later learn to live with them. And why wouldn’t you? Digitization has brought the world closer together. Education, trade, travel, work, healthcare, everything has become better because of the digital world. So what does it mean for those who are deciding on a career?

“Choose a career in the vast and ever-expanding digital world or something that can adapt to the digital world in the future.”

The future is private

As Mark Zuckerberg put it, the future is, in fact, private. While more and more of people’s lives become uploaded on servers and other people’s screens, privacy becomes a luxury, and sooner than you know, a necessity. From encryption to anonymity, data privacy is a top-selling service in the digital world. From big corporations to the common man, everyone is keen on securing their devices, software and online accounts that contain almost every information about their personal and professional lives. As the world is headed towards a more cyber place, it is also, inevitably, headed towards a more secure place. What does this mean for those who are planning to start their careers?

Choose a career in cyber security.”

With education relying on screens these days, you can even apply for the bestselling program i.e. CEH online course from your home and kickstart your career in the right direction.

The future is now

The last but not the least: The future is already here. Open your eyes and sense the direction in which the world is headed, and decide whether you want to be someone who is ahead of the world, or someone who finds it too late to catch up.


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