5 Tips In Picking the Perfect Over-the-Toilet Storage


In this time and age, storage has been a problem that keeps popping up if you are a homeowner or even if you’re a tenant. But what if there is another way to maximize space in a certain room? We’re referring to the bathroom. The bathroom may seem small compared to other parts of the house, but you can still install items that make it more spacious.

One of these items is the above toilet storage also called the over the toilet storage and in this article we are going to tackle tips and guidelines that would help you in picking the perfect over-the-toilet storage for you, but before that what is an over-the-toilet storage? Basically, it is a storage on the top of the toilet. It may come as a shelf or cabinet and mounted or not. And without further ado, let’s dive in.

  1. Plan Ahead

Some of us may think that the over-the-head storage is unnecessary and worthless however, we are mistaken. In reality, this storage item can make or break your bathroom experience, hence planning plays a very important role during selection. One important step in planning is getting the right information about your bathroom since it will have a direct effect on how you’ll choose.

“Can I have a list of items to put in my storage”, “Will the storage be able to carry all the weight of my items”, “Will it fit in my bathroom”? These are the questions we need to answer when we are planning. Planning may seem to be a hassle, but judging on what the outcome will be, it’s going to be worth it.

  1. Keep it Simple

Some people nowadays think too much, making things more complicated. Just keep it simple, don’t get too worked up with unnecessary features the storage has. Remember that from our first trip to plan which includes planning the important features that you might need for your storage.

It also covers the design aspect of the storage item since you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. We recommend any design that fits the theme of your home or bathroom. You can also stick to simple designs that make the storage pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Be Practical

Some of us may prefer the aesthetic value of an item rather than its performance, but for the case of the above toilet storage, it needs to be practical. Failure to prioritize practicality may leave unfortunate consequences in the long run. And first of all, being practical doesn’t mean giving up aesthetics but prioritizing its effectiveness rather than its beauty.              

Going back to our first guideline, it is always a given that “don’t bite off more than you can chew” which also applies to the storage item. Don’t expect too much from the item aside from its intended use. Storage capabilities come first and others, second.

For do-it-yourself projects, we recommend you do them with caution. For those who don’t have the experience, it is better to purchase the above toilet storage in your local shops and department stores or you could go online. You could also acquire the help of professionals and commission them to make one for you.

  1. Don’t Assume

Sometimes we tend to forget something while we are shopping. In the case of items or furniture, we tend to forget things like dimensions, color, design, and many more. We assume information that we are missing and it would be a disaster if we got the specifications wrong. Even the smallest details can ruin your plan. For example, instead of inches, you put centimeters, this mistake would make your day worse. That’s why I recommend tip number one, which is to plan and double-check the information you have on hand.

  1. Ask for help

Sometimes we have a bit of ego in deciding for ourselves, and sometimes we suffer because of it. Keep in my mind that asking for help is not as embarrassing as you think, and this applies to a lot of things and applies to the topic we have on hand. In purchasing over the toilet storage, help can from a staff of furniture shops, department stores, local carpenters, interior designers, articles like this from the internet and let us not forget families and friends that have experiences with this kind of situation. We can always ask for their recommendations and try to incorporate them into your plans. 


Just a short recap, in choosing the perfect over-the-toilet storage we should plan, keep it simple, be practical, do not assume, and when in doubt don’t forget to ask for help. It may seem that these tips are very hard to accomplish, but we assure you that the results are much more substantial than you think. We also need to remind you that these are tips and guidelines and at the end of the day, the choice is still in your hands. Always enjoy what you are doing and if mistakes come along, then don’t forget to learn from them. 


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