Different Ways Of Monetization Instagram Page Can Adopt If They Have Huge Following


Earlier, when instagram was launched, then it was just a way of connecting with people. One shares an image or a video with their friends and acquaintances. But with time, the number of people entering the platform has started increasing, and smart people saw an opportunity to earn money through instagram followers.

They have figured out plenty of ways that can help them earn money from the following. If you are also looking for a permanent source of passive income from your instagram, then you should go through the provided discussion. It will give you some ideas through which you can monetize your instagram followers on your page.

Promote new businesses and brands 

If you have many instagram followers that you can think will do whatever you will ask them to, then the best way to earn money is to promote businesses. You can select the new and rising companies who are offering useful services or products. You should contact them and ask them that you will market their business on your page.

If your planning is excellent and you have drafted a way of benefiting both parties, then there is no way that a business can say a no to you. All you need to remember is to give them higher value through your page to earn some reasonable amount. Also, keep your pricing low in the starting so that you can make them your customer.

Start dropshipping 

If your page is related to some niche, then there is an option that you can start dropshipping. Let us suppose that your page is related to mobile phone gadget reviews, and you have some substantial instagram followers who like to see your posts and think of drop shipping the gadgets.

All you need to do is find a reliable wholesaler and provide your product at low rates. Now, after the addition of commission, you can list that product on the page. Now your instagram followers will see the products and will order them from you. You only have to forward the order to your wholesaler, and they will process it on your behalf. The benefit here is that the risk of inventory and time consumed in its management is shallow, and you can make some easy profits.

Start selling your product online 

In case you are not willing to opt for drop shipping, then starting your own business is also a good option. You can plan what product will sell the best through your page and then plan to stock that product. The way of selling will be the same, but the difference is that you can have some better profits and along with that there is a risk involved in this option.

Start some online courses 

If you are good at giving out knowledge no matter what topic you choose and fill some value in the audience’s life, then selling a course can be a good option. You can make a course and start selling it to your instagram followers. If they like it, then it is sure that they are going to refer to it also.


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