failed to get the opengl information:gl_extensions 0x0


Did you know that the latest OpenGL release, version 1.4, requires a new version of the X.Org X Server, XFree86 4.

Some people in our past, and especially at the time of this writing, have been a little bit disappointed by the recent release of 3D-gl, although it does seem to have gotten a bit more detailed. The x-server version of 3D-gl is pretty nice. It is, however, a bit slow.

The reason is because the latest version of X.Org is not just the latest version. It is a new release, and while it may have more features than the previous version, it also means that it is more likely to run slower than the previous version.

I have not been able to get the opengl information:gl_extensions 0x0 to work with any version of X.Org. So this is good news. At least I can now see how a lot of people are having trouble with this.

Not a lot of people that I know are using the latest version of X.Org, and most of them are using the old version. It is likely that the new version has a lot more features, possibly including the ability to have 3D acceleration on windows. So the fact that it still takes several minutes to load a frame of gl_info is good news.

The same reason the opengl information gl_extensions 0x0 works in any version of X.Org is that the version of X.Org that I have is the newest version I can get. You can get X.Org 9.10 by downloading the official source code from the X.Org website (

The only reason why I’m not on the internet saying that is because I’m in a very small town and the internet is not available. It’s a shame that other cities don’t have such good internet access.

I have to say, I am surprised that the opengl extensions gl_extensions 0x0 is not available for X.Org 9.1, and there is a chance that there wont be a source for opengl extensions in X.Org 9.1 either. I was pretty sure I could get it working, but Im not so sure now.

There are several reasons for opengl not being available in X.Org 9.1. The most obvious one is that, even though X.Org has the OpenGL extension for X, its not a full opengl extension. There are also several opengl extensions that are not part of the X.Org specification (for example, glXQueryExtension(GL_ARB_create_context) does not exist in X.Org 9.1).

The easiest way to fix this is to download X.Org 9.1, install it, and use it’s built-in X.Org OpenGL support. For example, glXCreateContextAttribsARB() will now create a context for use with glXQueryExtensionGL_ARB_create_context.


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