visual studio has exited with code 0 (0x0).


The code has terminated.

The code has terminated.

As a side note, it wasn’t announced that we could not ship the game to PC, but we can get a copy of it. You should also check out the official website of We are pretty pleased to see it get a release, and we hope it comes out.

The PC version of the game is officially still on hold, we hope to release it sometime soon.

The developers are now working on a new project called ‘The New Thing’. It’s called The New Thing and it was originally announced to be released on October 13th, but after an initial delay we lost it. We are really excited. This is a great example of a team working together to get the game to PC. We have some great games on our hands and we have been working on several more, but we still have a lot to learn and work on.

Visual studio is one of the biggest game studios in the world, so it’s no surprise that the team that worked on the game had left a few months before it was originally announced to be released on the 13th. So it is with a bit of a sad face, but it’s good to see that the team that was responsible for the games are back, making a great game with a lot of promise. We wish them all the very best.

We really hope that nobody is doing a lot of work by the time we release the games, but we’re also hoping that we can get a little more involved with the design team, and that we can have a real discussion about some of the games we’ve been working on.


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