2021 NBA Rankings: Jazz Takes Over Lakers In West Coast, Rockets In Trouble

NBA Rankings
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If there’s a sporting event you must turn your head to, then it’s the NBA. The all-new season of the NBA League was launched last December and had continuously been highlighting the best games in the regular season. Today, the NBA is heading to the Week 8 playoffs, and few more games  remain to close the First Half. 

As the playoffs continue to work out today, the rankings of each team are changing based on their winning percentage. The 2021 NBA season is anyone’s ballgame, and one team can beat anyone inside the court. Every group needs to hustle hard to gain the most impressive lines to find a berth in the postseason. 

Looking into the Western Conference today, it seems that the groups who belong to this side are making classic and head-to-head matches. That said, let’s get to know the top ten Western Conferences who are closing the First Half with a bang and their Odds provided by FanDuel for all the NBA betting games you play. 

Utah Jazz 

Utah Jazz is having the best time of their lives in the Week 8 Playoffs. Today, the Jazz conquered the Indiana Pacers to 103-95 game run. With this, they got the top seed on the West Coast, earning nineteen victories and five losses. On Wednesday, the Jazz will challenge the Celtics and Bucks on Saturday. 

Los Angeles Lakers 

After the 76ers and Pistons won over the Lakers in Week 7, the defending champions took a step behind in the West ranking. In the opening week, the Lakers were on the top of their game, but today, they are on the second seed with eighteen victories and six losses. In a few days, they are making back-to-back matchup with the Thunders hoping to get successful and regain the top spot. 

Los Angeles Clippers 

Presently earning seventeen wins and eight defeats, the Los Angeles Clippers are taking the third spot. Today, they competed with Sacramento Kings and got lost, tallying a final score of 110 over 113. Despite this loss, the Clippers are hoping to come back in their games with Timberwolves and Bulls. 

Phoenix Suns 

Phoenix Suns continued to soar high in the Western Conference today as the biggest comeback playing team. They earned the 4th seed with thirteen wins and nine defeats. They encountered the Celtics today and successfully won the game to a 100-91 final score. Next day, the Suns are about to wrestle with the Cavs and the Bucs. 

San Antonio Spurs 

The San Antonio Spurs won their last two matches against the Rockets and Timberwolves. With this in mind, the Spurs’ odds ranking had skyrocketed at the 5th place, garnering a total of thirteen victories and ten losses. This Tuesday and Wednesday, they will have a back-to-back face-off with the Golden State Warriors. 

Denver Nuggets 

Obtaining twelve wins and ten losses, the Denver Nuggets are at the 6th seed in the Western Conference ranking. On the 1st of February, they won over the Jazz, but a few days later, they got a taste of their own medicine when the Kings and the Lakers defeated them. Despite these losses, the Nuggets aim to bounce back as they joust with the  Bucks and Cavs. 

Portland Trail Blazers 

The Portland Trail Blazers got an inconsistent ride in the West Coast seeding. Presently, they earn twelve victories and ten losses. In Week 7, they turned down the 76ers, but the Knick overpowered them two days after. This week, the Trail Blazers will have a rematch with the 76ers and have to hustle with the Orlando Magic at the same time. 

Golden State Warriors 

The Golden State Warriors are writing a redemption story this year as they are doing great in the West Coast seeding. They got twelve wins and eleven defeats in the Week 8 ranking. Next day, the Warriors are headlined to wrestle three games against a back-to-back with Spurs and Magic. 

Sacramento Kings 

Today, the Sacramento Kings reigned supreme after sending the Clippers to defeat in a 113-100 game run. That said, the Kings got twelve wins and eleven losses and took the 9th rank on the West Coast. In two days, they will compete with 76ers and Magic. 

Houston Rockets 

Earning the final spot in Week 8 West Coast odds ranking are the Houston Rockets. They are on an 11-11 record after the Spurs denied their game yesterday. They hope to boost their rank in the remaining rounds of the First Half as they face the Hornets and Pelicans this Wednesday. 


Having the defending champions and the toughest teams, the Western Conference got the tightest odds ranking in the 2021 NBA season. All groups are working hard to nail an impressive First Half resume so they won’t need to hustle as much in the Second Half. With the top ten teams on the West Coast this Week 8 playoffs, the competition is getting intense


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