8 Must-Have Android Apps of 2021


Your Android smartphone is probably your most precious possession without which life may seem incomplete and you are crippled for daily tasks. However, your phone is as good as the apps installed in it. With the right apps, you can increase the utility of your phone manifold.

Hence, we have gathered a list of some of the best Android apps that you should install on your smartphones in 2021. All you need is an internet service like Optimum internet that enables you to download these apps instantaneously. So, let’s get started.

Tor Browser

We often blame our internet for slow speeds. You may call Optimum customer service and pester them to improve speeds, but often it is not the service provider’s fault. For best speeds, you also need the right browser. The right browser will make sure that you don’t experience any lags.

Tor Browser is a phenomenal mobile app that lets you experience safer and faster browsing. The app is free to download from the Play Store and is equipped with all kinds of useful features that a browser should have. The browser will keep you safe from all kinds of third-party trackers, irritating pop-ups, and much more to create the perfect browsing experience.


Since WhatsApp’s decision to share user data with Facebook has gone public, everyone is in the search for a reliable substitute for the app. Telegram is an amazing communication app that provides the same level of convenience to its users as WhatsApp, if not more.

The app enables you to create chat groups of up to 200,000 members and lets you share images and videos of enormous sizes. You can also enjoy enhanced data security and useful image editing tools that you may be looking for in such an app.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is another remarkable app that you can replace WhatsApp with. The app provides a completely ad-free experience for all its users, which makes it more enticing and user-friendly.

The app further provides highly efficient end-to-end encryption for all user communications. You can easily enjoy limitless calls, text messages, group chats, and more with all your closest friends and family.

Blue Apron

Cooking your favorite meal is not an easy task at times, especially if you cook seldom. You have to go through the trouble of shopping for the right ingredients, refresh your memory for the recipe, and then take care of all the tips and tricks that contribute in making the perfect meal.

Blue Apron is an exceptional app that facilitates your cooking journey. The app gives you access to a plethora of amazing recipes and cooking tips and tricks. You can also buy all the ingredients and get them delivered to your doorstep without leaving your home.


You may be familiar with the amazing fitness trackers by Fitbit. You cannot use these fitness trackers without the trusty Fitbit app that enhances their utility to the max. The Fitbit Android app offers scheduling and tracking features for a more productive workout. You can easily pair the app with your Fitbit fitness tracker and set daily goals, and achieve fitness milestones.

Adobe Lightroom

Photography has become a hobby for many, especially since our phones have been equipped with high quality cameras. With the Adobe Lightroom app, you can enhance your photography experiences. The app is a remarkable photo-editing tool that lets you employ the most exotic photo filters, color modifiers, and much more for creating the perfect digital memory.


Planning and organizing an event is not the easiest of tasks. First, you have to get everyone on board then make every effort possible to accommodate everyone’s comfort. Even after that, not everyone makes it to the event.

Doodle app has been specifically designed to help out all the organizers. The app provides you with a bunch of useful features to help you easily organize the next family barbecue. Instead of creating never-ending group-messaging chains, simply create a poll on the app and see who will be joining the event.  You can also create a visual description of the event so that everyone can find out the necessary details such as time, venue, members, and any other important information.

Khan Academy

Schools and colleges are not the only reliable places to acquire quality education these days. Platforms like Khan Academy have taken it upon themselves to provide people with the necessary knowledge and skills right from their homes.

On the Khan Academy app, you will find an abundance of resources on all sorts of subjects like grammar, mathematics, biology, coding, and much more. Not only can you benefit from textual information, but you can also access informative videos and infographics that elaborate on the subject rather clearly.

In Conclusion

The world of mobile apps is rich in every aspect imaginable. No matter what task you may have on your hand, there is an app for that. For Android users, there is a hoard of apps like the ones mentioned above that can increase utility.


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