the program ‘[21176] hw1.exe’ has exited with code 0 (0x0)


The Windows code for this program has exited.

This is a great example of what’s happened to the Windows code for this program. It was written in Windows, and had all the features of W32 executable. The program’s windows code was written in C.

You have to remember that you’re using Windows to write Windows code for your own purposes. W32 is a much better language for W32, and I know that I can always use another program to do the same thing, without the need to change the way I write Windows code.

I was just curious, and not because of the Windows code, but because I was wondering what happened to the Windows version of W32 executable. This is a really good example of what happens when you try to write Windows code in C, and I had the same question.

I can’t believe I was ever actually talking about W32, that’s for sure. The problem is that I didn’t get to see [21176] and I’m pretty sure I just didn’t see it. No real explanation of how exactly this is done, but it looks like it’s just an intentional way for W32 to write Windows code to function.

The short answer is that W32 does not have a code page, so it cannot be used to write Windows code. So if you’ve ever tried to write Windows code in C, you’ll know why.

The other thing is that the above is just a guess. The fact it only exits with code 0 (0x0) tells me it is not possible to write Windows code in C.

I think this has to do with some program error. I mean, this program should be able to write Windows code, but it fails to do so.

It is possible that the W32 code that is making it exit with code 0 is not written by W32. I mean, if it is, then W32 just did something weird so that the program doesn’t exit with a 0 as it should. The only thing that makes sense about this is that it is a bug in W32, not its own program.

The W32 team has said in the past that they are not sure how the W32 code is executed. They have not said what is causing it, but they have said that they will try and fix it.


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