PDF editor: online or offline


As we know pdf file format is the most commonly used file format all over the world. There are two ways to edit, create, compress or convert pdf file formats: online and offline. But the question that arise is which platform is best to choose for editing or creating pdf files. In this article we will discuss about both platforms and make recommendation which platform to use.

Features and ease of use: Online pdf editors are quickly accessed from any place at any time with just having an internet connection. There is no need to download and install the application. You just need to go to the online pdf editor ‘s web application and start using the tool. Example of an online tool is 2pdf.com. It’s very simple and easily accessible tool. However for desktop pdf editors you need to download and install the desktop application first and then you will be able to use that application. Desktop applications are recommmended if you don’t have internet connection most of the time. But if you have internet connection all the time then there is no need to waste time by downloading and installing desktop pdf editor.

Safety & Privacy: Online tool are not much secure than desktop application. If you are using online pdf editors then don’t upload sensitive documents like medical records, bank statements etc. Carefully choose the secure and trusted online pdf editor like 2pdf.com. 2pdf.com is a secure and trusted online free tool for editing and converting pdf files. If we talk about desktop pdf editors then desktop pdf editors are more secure than online tools. When you have installed the desktop application and purchased a license than there is no need to be worry your documents will be kept between you and your computer. But there are also some desktop pdf editors that uses your information, personal data and spread viruses in your computer system. So you must need to be careful while choosing both online or desktop applications.

Price: Online pdf editors are free to get started with them. There is no need to get registered, payment or sign in. you just need to go to tool and start using it online. This feature of online tool is really very impressive inn situations when you need to quickly edit documents without any interruptions. Online tool are paid when you go for pro version or want to use more features but online tools are less expensive than desktop applications. Desktop pdf editors are expensive than online pdf editors. But desktop pdf editors provide a wider range of features. 

What to choose: As we know online pdf editors are easily accessible and are very quick. There is no need to download or install the online tool. You just need to go online and start using the tool. But most of the people think online editors are not secure. In both platforms online and desktop there is a security risk. There are some online tools that are not secure as well as there are also some desktop applications that are not secure. You need to be careful while choosing a tool. Choose a tool or application which is trusted and secure no matter it is online or desktop. So here is a tool named as 2pdf.com it allows you to convert, edit and as well as it also allows you to compress and merge your files. 2pdf.com is very secure and professional tool used by millions of professionals. 2pdf.com is totally free tool there is no need to pay any single peny as well as there is also no need to download or install this tool. Just you have to go 2pdf.com using your browser and start editing, converting, creating, merging and compressing your document files. So while using 2pdf.com there is no security risk and as well as there is also no need to pay any single penny. So I recommend to use 2pdf.com.


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