The Do’s and Don’ts When Adding Watermark to PDF


Before everything else, you must understand the definition or the meaning of a watermark. If you’re new to this word or term, then you’re in the right place. Watermark can be a logo or text to add to your file, such as a PDF file. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo, document, or a spreadsheet; you can add a watermark to it.

Why does adding a watermark to PDF essential, and what’s its purpose? This is sometimes the question of most people who don’t have any idea about watermark and PDF. Some beginners or people who are just new to these types of tasks often have these types of questions.

So why adding Watermark to PDF critical? It’s vital because a watermark secures all of your information from being taken away from you. Without a watermark, pictures, photos, or files, can be taken from you even without your permission. Here are the dos and don’ts when adding Watermark to PDF to effectively add a watermark to your PDF.

Make Sure That You’re Using A Trusted Online PDF Watermark Tool

There are tons of online PDF tools where you can watermark a PDF; however, you also need to make sure that you can trust them. In some cases, using untrusted online watermark tools or unknown PDF sites may just cause damage to your PDF, which will result in loss of information or details.

Thousands have trusted GoGoPDF to millions of people worldwide because of its impressive service to its clients and best quality of PDF processes, which includes one of its best tools, Add Watermark to PDF free. But before you go too in-depth about this particular tool, you should also first learn what’s GoGoPDF and what things it can do.

GoGoPDF is a tool or, to be precise, an online PDF tool that helps individuals like you who have troubles or concerns with your PDF such as PDF conversion, Numbering PDF, and more. There is a lot to learn about this website, but you can guarantee that once you understand its tools and features, it’ll be a great help to you in the future.

Since you already know GoGoPDF and the things it can do, you can now use this website in adding specific watermarks to your PDF. This website provides unique features when adding watermarks, such as it allows you to configure or design your watermark if you don’t have one. GoGoPDF also emphasizes its quick and convenient add watermark interface.

Secure A Fast And Reliable Internet Connection

This might sound fundamental, but if you want to experience a quick process for your PDF when adding watermarks, then you should secure a reliable internet connection. Although PDF sites such as GoGoPDF don’t require a superfast internet connection, most of its tools are optimized to work in any type of internet speed condition.

It might not sound significant, but having an unreliable internet connection will cause big problems such as information loss, unable to finish the process, and spending too much time, which you can’t afford, especially if you’re on a hectic schedule with your PDF. Furthermore, a reliable and fast internet connection will allow you to finish your work earlier.

Make Sure That You Have Your Watermark Ready

When you add a watermark to your PDF, you should have your watermark ready before then since you can’t start the process unless you have a particular watermark to add, which is pretty obvious. However, this website also provides a unique feature to create your watermark using its Add Watermark tool, though it’s limited.

To give you a guide on where and how you can create your watermark, there are many online tools right now that help you complete your watermark. Sites such as,, and more. These sites will help you create your customized watermark, which you can download and use with GoGoPDF.

Don’t Use An Online PDF Watermark Tool That Isn’t For Free.

This one right here is the most vital thing to remember, especially if you’re trying to use a PDF tool or add a watermark to your PDF. First of all, these types of online tools should be for free, not unless you’re asking for its advanced feature, then you’ll be paying for it. Luckily, all of GoGoPDF’s tools are 100% free.

How do I put a watermark on a PDF for free?

Adding a watermark to a particular PDF is very easy, especially if you’re using GoGoPDF. This website only has a four-step process on how you can add a watermark. You upload your file, grab the watermark you want to use, or type it manually instead, wait for the server to finish the process, and download your PDF once it’s done.


Remember that no matter what you do online, especially dealing with critical information or details, you should make sure that you know what you’re doing. If you read this article thoroughly, you should add a watermark to your PDF.


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