Lifehacks for singles: how to find love online while traveling


There’s an adage that travel broadens the mind. But it can also do wonders for your love life. One of the advantages of matching sites is the way they can break down cultural barriers. Once you’ve signed up to a platform, you have every chance of connecting with singles from further afield.

1. Try modern dating sites

Rather than striking up online conversations with site users who might live in the same country, modern sites can introduce you to exciting individuals from anywhere in the world. Since some of longer-established services command global memberships running into millions, you could find yourself chatting to feisty Finnish singles, or amorous Australians. There are many other reasons why online dating is terrific for anyone with the urge to travel and meet fabulous new people.

• To get a place for the night

Dating outlets have evolved into so much more than places where singles can browse through lists of other singles, seeking someone who might be appropriate for dates. They have become vibrant communities where you can interact with a diverse range of kindred spirits. Your first port of call should be the chat room facilities. Here you can get familiar with a cross-section of frisky people, finding out all about their respective backgrounds as you get involved in group discussions.

Keep an eye out for those you feel particularly drawn to. Whether it’s their profile photo that captures your heart or the personal details they have uploaded about their favorite holiday destinations, you’ll soon find yourself kindling sparks of romance. If the person receiving your flirty messages happens to live in a city you’ve always had an inkling to visit, then you can make the most of the bond you’ve established. Rather than having to carefully plan your next vacation around your best budget, or the most affordable visitor destinations, all you have to do is keep touching base with this prospective partner. You could arrange for them to meet you at the airport, then they could assume the position of your tour guide. 

Choose amongst authority sites on, focusing on these aspects of location-based dating. Local guides will open their country to you from a unique perspective, taking you away from the well-trodden tourist paths. Accommodation? Politely enquire if they have a spare room, underlining that you will reciprocate the favor should they decide to make your location their next jaunt.

• To meet locals and open a new culture

Dating sites will open a window into a whole new dimension of possibilities. The friendly members you can exchange messages with via secure communication channels will be only too willing to talk about aspects of their history, language, and culture. They will be able to provide you with links to the most ideal factfinding resources.

2. Use your charm – move from a conversation online to first date

Online dating platforms are only meant to serve as meeting points where like-minded individuals can get to know suitable candidates for relationships, platonic or romantic. Some sites users become overly reliant on virtual conversations. But you should always aim to arrange liaisons in the real world at your earliest convenience.

3. Choose the most popular places for a first date – crowded places for safety

Whether you are meeting someone you feel a spark of romance for, or you’re just seeking a friendly face for a get-together, always put safety concerns first. Until you develop a proper bond, meet in public places. It will only be a matter of time before you become the best of travel companions.


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