20 Incredible Ways to Increase Website Traffic


For a business owner or marketer, the main worry is getting more customers for your business. When the business world is closely connected through the internet, it is essential that the customers connect the company through their website. So, any business owner or marketers look out to increase the website traffic source. 

There are many ways to get traffic to your website. It is not sufficient only to get more traffic, but you need to get the intended traffic who will convert. Are you worried about how to get traffic for website?

Below listed are a few ways to get quality website traffic or get in touch with digital marketing company in Gurgaon who will guide you through various steps to increase your website traffic. 

  1. Write appealing headlines –

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Website headlines are an essential factor of your content. If the heading is not appropriate and compelling, any blog post will go unread. So, have a proper headline for your website and master the art of headline writing. This is an essential tip to get a good website traffic source. 

  1. Be active in various social channels – It is not only sufficient to produce good content and website; you need to be proactive as well. One way to increase website traffic is to make use of social media channels for your content promotion. So, create an account in most popular social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and get more traffic to your website. 
  1. Advertise –


 Advertising is a prominent factor to increase website traffic. A few ways to get more visitors are social media advertising, paid search, etc. With such advertising, you can create your brand and get your website in front of people. 

  1. Focus on on-page SEO – 

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Yet another way to get traffic is to optimize your search engine’s content. It is indeed a valuable practice. Check with the following elements for search engine optimization:

  1. Check whether you are making use of image alt text.
  2. Check whether you are creating internal links pointing to new content. 
  3. Are you including meta descriptions?
  1. Have a mix of all content types – There is no specific strategy for content marketing success. Make your content with various lengths, and format and that looks appealing for all kinds of readers. To get more impact, go in for shorter content forms like infographics, video, etc. 
  2. Go for guest blogging 

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– Guest blogging is an excellent way to boost your traffic. It also helps to increase your brand value. Guest blogging brings many readers to your website, and there is a high chance of being converted. So, include as many guest blogs as possible and get more traffic. 

  1. Use long-tail keywords – While you create your website content, you do focus on the popular keywords. Do not neglect to target long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords justify a majority of web searches. So, if you are missing the long-tail keywords, then you are doing wrong. 
  1. Go in for referral traffic

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 Instead of persuading other websites to link to your website, create content that brings visitors to your website. Using referral traffic, you can get your content to new audiences and create new opportunities for engagement and conversions. 

  1. Request others to guest blog on your website – Guest blogging is a two-way journey. Apart from posting content to other blogs, invite people from your domain to contribute blogs on your website. There isa high possibility to share and link to the guest blog, thereby bringing new readers to your website. 
  2. Use schema microdata

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 Implement schema, or any other microdata format will not essentially increase your website traffic. Still it makes it easier for the search engine bots to get your page and index them. Also, schema helps you increase the click-through rates. 

  1. Be active on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is an excellent platform where many businesses connect. LinkedIn is the world’s largest social professional network and is a valuable publishing platform as well. Hence, it is a good idea to post content on the LinkedIn platform regularly. This act increases the website traffic and your business profile.
  2. Link internally – 


While you create and publish content on other channels, ensure that you check out for internal links opportunities. This can bring more visitors to your website. It helps SEO and results in a better and more useful user experience. This is an interesting way to get more website traffic source.

  1. Include email marketing – Many marketers go behind many ways to get new customers through content marketing but tend to forget the traditional methods. Email marketing is one such method that many marketers miss out on. Moderately sending out emails is indeed an excellent tool to get quick traffic. But you need to be careful with it and send emails only to the targeted audience. 
  1. Connect with industry experts


 Many industry experts are interested in talking about your domain on request. Send out an email requesting an interview with them and publish those interviews on your website blog. This will boost your credibility and increase website traffic as well. 

  1. Have fast loading pages on your website – If your website takes time to load, you are sure to have a high bounce rate. So, ensure that your website is technically optimized as much as possible. For a perfect technical SEO, you need to check on the page structure, image size, plugins, etc. The faster your website load time, the better for the visitors. 
  1. Have a responsive website – 


Nowadays, people use mobile devices to access the web, so it makes them tough to keep scrolling on your website. So, you need to check that your website is easily and comfortably accessible from various devices, even the small ones. 

  1. Analyse your analytics data – Google analytics is a helpful data source that gives information about various aspects of your website, from the most prominent pages to the visitor’s demographics. Have a close watch on your website analytics data and use this information to update the content and promotional strategies. Focus on the post and pages that get more attention as they are the popular ones. Scrutinize the visitors’ data as to where, how, and when your website traffic occurs. This plays an important role in bringing in more traffic to your website. Based on the analytics data, you can see the pages that are less visited and modify them. 
  2. Make use of the comment section – You might have probably visited at least a few websites from your business domain regularly. So, in that case, join the conversation as well. You can make use of the comments sections. It would boost your website traffic over time and get a name for yourself by providing useful insights to increase your traffic. 
  3. Include video content – Text content is elaborate and requires some time to read and understand. While it is useful, also include video content as it attracts visitors and makes your website more engaging. 
  4. Build community – People prefer to speak their minds on various topics. So, create a community on your website, and it is a great way to initiate conversation. This increases your website traffic. 


Make use of the tips to increase your website traffic and get more leads leading to conversions on your website.


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