People have become even more fitness conscious during the pandemic. A gap from running errands every day made people realise the importance of health and fitness. Amidst all the mental stress, many individuals started to self-analyse and work on themselves because that was the only way forward.

Fitness requires hard work, discipline and patience to get the desired results. As people could not hit the Gym, other alternatives like the 8-week challenge, a live workout session without any equipment, has made working out and keeping fit easier. People understood the value of time and started using it productively and efficiently.


If a person decides to transform his or her body, it is essential to consult a fitness advisor or coach who is readily accessible online. Advisors can guide one’s diet and workout regime accordingly to the desired goals. Many reputed Fitness studios offer live workout guidance by airing 8-week challenge sessions for enthusiastic and determined people.

DO’s :

It is essential to follow specific measures during workouts without any equipment if one wants improvement. If one wants to acquire visible results, one should be aware of the basics;

  • Warming up and stretching before the session is mandatory. It helps avoid any form of muscle strain after the workout sessions.
  • Hydration is the key factor. Consuming healthy fluids like protein shakes, coconut water, and water reduces the chances of acid reflux and regulates digestion.
  • One must devotedly follow the diet plan to see evident changes in one’s body. One can not gain or lose weight only by dieting or merely working out. Both go hand in hand to accomplish the/ goal.
  • Progress and variations in the routine are expected. The same workout routine will not help tone the entire body. Each day one has to include new exercise and boost the workout timing for better results.
  • It is necessary to improve stamina by running, jogging, cycling, etc.

DON’Ts :

  • Never skip a workout session, and do not give up once it begins.
  • Mixing up one’s diet plan is another big mistake. Resist the intake of calorie-rich food. 
  • One should not push themselves very hard. The advisor plans every session according to one’s capability.
  •  Over-workouts and under-workouts are not encouraged.
  • Dehydration may lead to injuries because one may become too weak. All the hard work put in will go in vain even with the smallest mistake.
  • Do not dream big at the go. Understand that fitness is a step by step process. It is time-consuming and can only be achieved organically.


This challenge involves a complete workout package required to lose weight. It has multiple workout sessions targeting different body parts like biceps, triceps, chest, abdomen, etc. It also includes numerous healthy, innovative diet recipes to resist any temptations. 

Once signed up for the 8-week challenge, one can track their progress. All the sessions can be accessed post the challenge also. The videos are updated accordingly and are available 24/7. As these are no equipment workouts, it warrants higher conviction and knowledge towards the process.

All the queries regarding sessions and diet plans are resolved by professional advisors immediately. 

To make something a habit, one has to practice and follow it for a minimum of 21 days without skipping. Stability is vital to reach the goal. This 8-week challenge provides clarity on the techniques and procedures of training and helps one achieve their fitness goals.


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