5 Graphic Design Trends for 2021

5 Graphic Design Trends for 2021

The world of graphic design is a world that is experiencing unprecedented growth, and if you want to be at the top of this world, you must constantly evolve. Applying the new trends of graphic design both online and offline is a natural process and pretty easy, like learning how to add music to video you’re editing or changing the background in a photo editor. Anything can be learned by getting the gist. Here we will present the top 5 trends in the graphic design software of this year.

Natural Patterns

Following this trend in Identity, you can create leafy patterns, color schemes, shades of green or breathtaking scenery, not only for environmentally oriented products. There is nothing surprising in the general interest to the outside world in 2021. Due to the impossibility of going out in nature, people will look for natural forms in everything that surrounds them. What a pleasure to look at green gradients and earthy colors after spending almost a year online.

Merging with the Visual Arts

There has always been an everlasting separation between design and visual arts, but 2021 aims to blur traditional boundaries. Painting gives a design surface variability, making it real enough to touch. As a rule, we associate fine art with the elegance of the old world, so this trend will look the most natural in the design of wine labels or cosmetic packaging. The style should not only be beautiful but also carry some kind of content worth reflecting on.

Optical illusions

When our brain is not able to instantly sense the image, we involuntarily begin to scrutinize and understand. Thanks to the use of this property in the design of optical illusions the attention of users can be held for a long time. If there is anything in the philosophy of the brand that is related to the ideas of movement and plasticity, then optical illusions will be an excellent design trick. The optical illusion looks beautiful on business cards. Such products will turn out to be embossed, tactilely more pleasant than in the form of conventional digital printing.


Background blur was widely introduced in 2013 with the release of iOS 7, and that style has been called neomorphism. The new trend is more voluminous: it combines the effect of frosted glass and background blur, bright colors, and objects floating in space. By following this trend, you will allow users to perceive the hierarchy and depth of the design. While the trend is rooted in interface design, glassmorphism can be easily used in graphic one as well.

3D Typography

Nowadays, typography is becoming one of the main tools in expressive design, having a tremendous impact on visual perception. More and more studios around the world are focusing on font creation as a separate area of ​​work. 3D typography, which is most naturally used in website design and branding, allows you to add a sense of depth and volume to your design – as if you can touch it. This trend is becoming a great symbol of innovation in graphic design, which uses all the most fashionable, modern, and creative techniques.


Technologies that have an impact on the design sphere steps forward by leaps and bounds, and keep up with them is not that easy as it seems, but we’ll have to deal with it. It is important to remember that any trends actually exist to inspire us, and sometimes with their help, we can quickly find the right direction. So every time, while developing the design, we have to think first about the goal and users, and only then about fashion and trends, which it dictates.


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