What Makes Front-Load Washers the Best Choice?

Front-Load Washers

While there are many laundry services in every city, most people still spend time doing the laundry at home. According to a survey, most Aussies spend more than a year of their lives washing and drying them. That’s a lot of detergents and water to use! 

With that in mind, you must have a machine that makes the process easier and consumes fewer materials to operate. This is where you can count on front load washers that offer effective and efficient washing. 

There are different types of washing machines, but the front-load washers are at the top of the competition. Keep on reading, and you will know why these washers are always the best choice. 

It saves space 

Think about your plates in your kitchen. You don’t put it in the cabinet side by side. Instead, you stack them to save space. 

If your laundry area has limited space, just like many households, you might be struggling for extra space. Front-load washers will allow you to stack the dryer on top of it, and this can make a huge difference in saving space in your laundry area. Thus, you can have a lot of room for other cleaning supplies and equipment. 

Moreover, most laundry areas have some space for anything that always gets filled up by different stuff, such as old towels, light bulbs, and batteries. If you are not using the top of your washer as a platform for your dryer, you can use it to store other laundry items like dryer sheets, detergent, stain removers, and anything you need in your laundry area. 

It saves water 

Most consumers care more about the environment, pushing the manufacturers to create more environment-friendly products. Front-loading washers are the best choice if you want to save on water. Regular washers need around 151 litres of water on each load.  

On the other hand, front-loading models only need around 94 litres as it only needs to be about half-filled to wash the clothes. That’s a lot of savings on the water! So, it’s worth thinking about replacing your old-school top-load washer with a front-load machine if you want to save the environment. 

It saves energy  

Aside from its sleek design that saves space and saves the environment, these models can also help you save more money on your energy bill! Front-loading washers are Energy Star qualified – it uses 60% less energy! Less energy consumption means lesser energy bills.  

It saves your clothes 

Many users claim that their front-load washers have extended life for their clothes. This makes sense since front load washers have a horizontal axis and spins like a dryer. With that in mind, it has no agitator to move the clothes inside the washer. Thus, the clothes were not being pushed, pulled, and twisted during the washing process. So, it is good to consider using this type of model to keep your clothes look new for a long time. 

The front-load washer has a lot of benefits. It can save you a lot of space and money on your water and energy bill. Moreover, it can help you save the Earth!  

Also, these models use high-efficient or HE detergent that is more concentrated than non-HE detergent, so you will need less detergent to clean your clothes. Now, that’s a lot of savings, making them the best choice!


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