How Vinyl Lettering Can Be a Powerful Branding Tool


Branding is a fundamental pillar of marketing. No matter how good the product or service you are offering is, you will lose out to smarter players if you don’t put effort into brand marketing. A brand adds legitimacy to your business and forms an image or a personality that consumers can relate with or remember when they hear of your company. 

According to Forbes, investing in branding is essential to every marketing campaign, as it serves as one of the few factors that allow for a clear differentiation between your business and the competition. Physical branding can be as useful as online branding, as each appeals to a different audience. Among different tools, you can use for branding in physical locations is vinyl letters. These are inexpensive, durable, and prominent stickers that can be used to make great signages and posters. 

Why Vinyl Letters are a Great Choice

Vinyl stickers are extremely versatile and fit well on windows, walls, and even other flat surfaces like cars and boats. They are a viable and inexpensive alternative to painting and offer more variety as well as more convenience. You can get the stickers custom-made to spell out anything you would like, from the name of your business to your motto, customer testimonials, or quotes that you strive to live by. Vinyl letters from reputed manufacturers are easy to apply and also very durable. They will remain vibrant and effective for years to come.

Spectacular Cost-Effectiveness

Since vinyl is very easily sourced and extremely easy to work with, most products using it are rather inexpensive. Paired with quality adhesives, your letter stickers will last a long time. They are fairly easy to remove and do not damage the surface or leave behind any nasty residue. They are cheaper and much less hassle to apply and remove than paint, not to mention the variety and the ease of getting customized designs readily.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

There are some things about vinyl lettering that you must keep in mind. These stickers are intended for use on flat surfaces, so they will not look good or stay stuck to irregular or ill-shaped surfaces. While applying them, you must ensure that the surface has no dust or water that could create bubbles, damage the lettering, or otherwise inconvenience you. A good tip to ensure perfect alignment is to sketch horizontal lines with a pencil on the surface before peeling and applying the stickers. Soon after the letters are placed, you should gently squeeze them with your fingers, a ruler, or a similar flat object to get rid of any bubbles. Start in the middle and slowly spread outward. You may then peel off the transfer tape and erase the pencil lines using a non-dust eraser or glass cleaner. 


At home or a physical commercial location like a storefront or exhibition stall, vinyl letters are a great, cheap way to get vibrant signages set up in no time. They look wonderful and will last surprisingly long. Good vinyl is impervious to water and offers a degree of protection against scratches and scrapes as well, meaning your displays are likely to stay good for quite a while. They are certainly worth considering as an effective branding tool.



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