IPXO – World’s First IP Monetize & Leasing Marketplace. Know Everything About The Launch


In the current world, the first IP marketplace is IPXO, which was formerly known as Heficed’s IP address Platform. Internet Protocol Exchange Organization (IPXO) development started in 2019 and is aimed to provide IPv4 addresses to different organizations and individuals. CEO of IPXO Vincentas Grinius have mentioned that at the current position, they can supply a meaningful solution so that it would help sustain the ecosystem of the internet by the reuse of present sleeping inventory of IPv4 addresses and also provide a handsome amount of revenue stream to business who are staying on unused IP addresses. Taking this scenario into consideration anyone can win and be a part of the solution.

Problem regarding IPV4 & IPV6: 

Use of IPv4 and IPv5 simultaneously is an expensive and slow experience 

As we all know that 32-bit address is used by IPv4 which allows around 4.3 billion unique addresses whereas IPv6 uses a 128-bit address. The IPv6 can be useful as it provides a very high number of unique address combinations. Due to this reason also, many huge global organizations can transit from majority IPv4 to majority IPv6 which can be a great solution.

The advent of IPXO:

Due to some reasons, it cannot be a great solution for everyone because the promotion of IPv6 connectivity is done by less than 30% of all internet-connected networks. Due to this reason, companies that are running IPv6 should run IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously which becomes slow and expensive.

The share address model is recommended by some of the experts in which a public IPv4 is created and assigned so that it covers several customers at a time. To ensure there is no overlap each customer is provided with a different port range internally. It is expensive and challenging to maintain and build a technical execution. Due to this reason, it may lead to slowdowns and failed moving parts. No solution is useful for the dormant IPv4 addresses which are millions in number.

According to the saying of the CEO of IPXO Vincentas Grinius, added layers of complexity are not needed for us which will result in excessive cost and also causing the transfer of data to be slow. The thing they need is the method by which they can incentivize ISPs who are staying in unassigned IPv4 addresses which are thousands in number so that they can bring back those addresses to the market which can be used by other organizations. This is the reason why the IPXO was conceived. There was a need for a global platform for them where they could have a secure lease IPv4 and monetized IPv4 addresses.

About IPXO: 

IPXO was previously renowned as Heficed. Its headquarters are present in London and it is focused on providing a wide range of services regarding the IP lease, IP monetization, and different management services. Around 60 multibillion industries are served by Heficed which starts from hosting to automotive or healthcare. Heficed can meet the demand of the current world as it can have millions of IP addresses and has 12 years of industry experience and operations globally. 

Also, Heficed terminal new bits are available and they are relocating the IP address market in IPXO. They also managed IPXO in such a way that every IP holder will manage the IP resources by using their platform.

The objective of IPXO:  

They also took a big step in introducing automated geolocation updates. They have been trying to be fully automated and add some features in IPv4. During the launch of IPv4 they also have planned to launch IPv6 which uses 128-bit addresses and can be used in a remarkable number of locations. There were plenty of things to be done by the company and they would be providing opportunities for those who are seeking it for. They also managed the lease and monetization of IP from where we can earn cash easily which can be gained in our Paypal account or bank account directly. In this way, IPXO was launched and it has helped a lot of organizations to have IP addresses based on IPv4 and help to earn from unused IPv4 addresses via process to monetize IPv4, either by leasing IPv4 or buying it. 






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