all she wants to do is dance


She wants to dance all night, every night. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her or how she looks when she does it. All that matters is the beat and the rhythm. It’s who she is, and there’s no way that will change anytime soon.

all she wants to do is dance.

When you’re not feeling yourself but can’t stop dancing anyway because you know nobody else gets your moves quite like you do –

When life isn’t going as planned but a good song comes on so you keep dancing anyways –

When all you want to do is dance after hearing those lyrics from my favorite artist for 40 minutes straight in your car on repeat while driving home​ ​from work exhausted and needing to let go

When all you want to do is dance because life isn’t always going to be perfect and that’s what makes it worth living anyway.

I hope that in the past few months, you’ve found yourself dancing for all the “right” reasons. I hope you feel free and uninhibited as if nobody’s watching but your own reflection when looking into a mirror on an empty floor at midnight. Or maybe we’re just practicing our Sunday morning best moves with no one to impress but ourselves- they don’t call it self love after all!

Now is not the time to stop moving because life isn’t perfect or going according to plan. Now is precisely when we need to keep dancing through those tough moments because there will be so many other great ones too. Keep putting down roots and following your intuition even though things might get hard sometimes–that’s what makes everything worth it!

And if you find yourself in a place where the world seems to stop turning, just know that things will get better. Even when everything feels upside down and all we want to do is dance–sometimes all we need are some moving tunes and a good friend or two.

The last thing anyone wants to hear at this time of year from their friends is “I can’t believe you’re still depressed.” I often think about how brave my friends must be for simply being there for me through what they might not fully understand on an emotional level. The truth is that depression doesn’t always follow clear timelines or rules; sometimes it’s more like something brewing beneath the surface waiting for the perfect storm before revealing itself again with full force .

I just want to make it clear, I didn’t wake up on Monday morning with a crippling depression. It’s something that has been following me around for the past few months and catching up when least expected. A lot of my friends are still in school or living their lives without being burdened by student loans so they don’t really relate all too well to what I’m feeling–and this is simply because they live day-to-day while I worry about how things will work out from month-to-month as if juggling everything isn’t hard enough than worrying about whether or not we can afford groceries next week. The stress of having no control over my future…


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